Corporate Housing Options for Your Remote Team in Miami

March 20, 2023

Do you have a team of employees heading to Miami that you need to secure housing for – stat?

You’ve come to the right place.

We’ve got the DL on Miami’s corporate housing options, plus a breakdown of neighborhoods by industry. And if you’d also like some tips on securing top-notch living quarters where your team will feel right at home, we cover that too.

Miami Corporate Housing Options

Is it a coincidence that people choose to conduct business in a place with white sandy beaches, alluring turquoise water, and bright and sunny palm lined sidewalks?

Who knows?

Either way, people love it here. It’s a popular business destination both nationally and internationally.

In order to meet the demand of all who travel here, Miami offers a ton of corporate rental options. While the most popular short-term rentals are studios and one-bedroom apartments, you can still find fully furnished homes and villas.

In fact, you can pretty much find every kind of short-term fully-furnished housing rental here – yes – even pet friendly ones.

While it’s great to have a wide selection to choose from, the plethora of inventory can make it feel pretty overwhelming when you’re looking to find the perfect location for your team.

One way to help narrow your search is to find the neighborhood commonly associated with your industry, or an area that’s conveniently located near a jobsite or place relevant to the work they’ll be doing.

Industries and Neighborhoods

At 55.25-square miles, Miami is much smaller than most other large cities in the United States. However, its downtown area is still divided into neighborhoods; here are a few of the prominent ones popular for business travel:


Located North of downtown, Wynwood is a thriving, creative and artistic place; a hub of Miami culture. Old warehouses are now hip places to be, boasting eclectic hangouts, restaurants and shops.

It’s a great place for those in the art and tech industries. Loft and studio apartments are common, but one and two bedroom options are available as well.

Downtown Miami

The epicenter of business, the downtown area is marked by skyscrapers – towering beacons that are synonymous with most city centers.

Downtown accommodations exist primarily as studios and one and two bedroom apartments. Many offer expansive views and amenities such as gyms and swimming pools. And of course, there’s the beach just minutes away.


Brickell is Miami’s financial hub. Located adjacent to the business district downtown, Brickell business accommodation is also mainly found in apartment style buildings and studios with amenities.

For a more in-depth article on Miami corporate housing with more info on neighborhoods including a breakdown of cost, this article provides a comprehensive overview you don’t want to miss.

Know Before You Go

Before searching, it’s a good idea to know what your ideal property looks like. Here are some questions that can help:

  • How many people are heading to Miami?
  • Will they all be there at the same time?
  • Do they need separate accommodation, or will a house with multiple bedrooms suffice?
  • What’s the budget?
  • Will they be remote, hybrid, or reporting to a specific location some of the time?
  • What amenities do they require?
  • Do they need a garage or parking space?
  • How long will they be there?

Your answer to these questions will help to eliminate properties that don’t work, speeding up your selection process.

Three Ways to Find Corporate Housing for Your Team

Once you know what you’re looking for, the search can begin. Here are three common methods to search for corporate housing:


The first way to find a place is to search for it online.

There’s a ton of listings for short-term property rentals available in Miami. Use a search engine, and reach out to each one that looks promising.

A disadvantage to this method is it’s extremely time consuming.

Use a Booking Company


An easier way to search is to go through a company who does the searching for you.

Travelers Haven is one of them. Their service is free. All you have to do is visit their website, fill out a brief form that highlights what you’re looking for, where, and when. One of their team members will reach out within minutes after submitting the form, to go over the dates and other details of the stay.

Then, they search on your behalf. They compile a list of potential properties based on your criteria, present it to you, and you pick the one you like the best.

Using their service saves precious time. Plus, all the properties are vetted so there’s no nasty surprises.


Some people choose to book accommodation through sites like Airbnb. They have a variety of listings, and offer month-to-month rentals. However, a potential downside is the property may be booked by someone else during your team’s stay, which means they’ll be moving in the middle of their assignment.


From business accommodation to food, entertainment, and culture, there’s a lot here. We hope this gives you a little insight into what’s available as far as lodging is concerned, and look forward to welcoming everyone to Miami!

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