3 Tips for Planning a Perfect Honeymoon Safari in Tanzania 

March 20, 2023

The truth is, planning a wedding can be daunting, and couples often want to balance such a grand event with a honeymoon of equal distinction–just something more relaxing! Thus, a once-in-a-lifetime African honeymoon safari can have an irresistible appeal.

The African continent is known for its unparalleled scenic beauty on an unimaginable scale. Wide-open savannahs, majestic mountains, volcanic calderas, sparkling coastlines, and riverine forests of ancient mystery. And then there are the animals of the continent, fierce and magnificent, roaming freely. So it’s easy to understand why so many couples are drawn to the unique adventure of an African honeymoon safari.

The allure of East Africa lies in its abundant beauty, wildlife, and diverse scenic scapes. As one of the most popular destinations in East Africa, Tanzania is all this writ large. The stunning Serengeti, the white sands of Zanzibar, and the towering mountain of Kilimanjaro are favorites of honeymooning tourists.

Early planning is necessary for such a momentous occasion as a honeymoon safari. To help get your married life off to its very best start, we’ve listed a few essential tips for planning your Tanzania honeymoon safari.

Plan Together 

Couples who have successfully navigated wedding planning will have acquired all the skills they’ll need to plan for an African honeymoon safari. And we recommend approaching your safari plans with the same dedication and thoroughness!

There won’t be a better time for you and your forever person to discuss your honeymoon dreams, preferences, must-haves, and no-gos. Remember, this is your honeymoon we’re talking about! Once you’re out on safari enjoying all that Africa has to offer, you’ll be glad you made the final decisions together.

So a good place to start is for you and your spouse to research and learn about all the honeymoon safari options across Tanzania. Learn about its national parks, private reserves, and diverse ecosystems with a view to what you and your spouse will most enjoy.

Are you both on the same page when it comes to hiking up mountains or lounging on beaches? Of course, you’ll find ways to compromise, but you’ll want to choose activities that you both at least like! Summiting Mount Kilimanjaro at 19,340 feet isn’t for everyone!

And you’ll want to think about who will be taking the pictures. Are either of you good with a camera? Perhaps you need an upgrade in equipment or need to learn a few pointers on capturing gorgeous landscapes or the subtleties of wildlife photography.

Planning your African honeymoon safari together can be an experience full of love and generosity! Make your Tanzania luxury safari honeymoon wonderfully and uniquely memorable.

List Your Priorities

Tanzania is a large East African nation with 22 national parks boasting high mountains, vast savannas, and the magnificent beaches of Zanzibar. Each of these national parks and the Zanzibar Archipelago offers its own distinctive safari experience, from the Serengeti National Park, Ngorongoro Crater Conservation Area, and Lake Natron in the north, to the Mahale Mountains National Park in the west and the Selous Game Reserve to the south.

The best way to narrow down your list of Tanzanian safari honeymoon destinations is by making a list of priorities. Your list can include the types of animals you want to see, the number of nights you can spend on your honeymoon, whether it will be a beach or bush honeymoon, or a fusion of both experiences. And consider any additional activities you want to participate in as a couple. Would you both love a walking safari through a forested mountainside, or maybe scuba diving in the Indian Ocean, or trek Mount Kilimanjaro, or a balloon ride across the Serengeti?

If you and your loved one love mountain trekking, Mt. Kilimanjaro is another beauty, you can consider climbing. It’s Africa’s tallest mountain and the world’s tallest freestanding mountain. It is so picturesque that it will be perfect for your memories and an Instagram feed. 

Of course, the Serengeti National Park is one of Tanzania’s most popular honeymoon destinations; its stunning vistas and magnificent and abundant wildlife call nature lovers from all over the world. If you and your loved one are fascinated by off-the-charts beauty, big cats, and rare birds, make sure the Serengeti is at the top of the list. 

Consider Working with a Local Tour Operator

Most resorts and lodges in Tanzania have arrangements with local tour guides because they know how much an experienced tour operator can enhance their guests’ safari experience. Tour guides will provide invaluable insight into local conditions, the best vistas, and the best places to find the animals you really hope to see. Their services range from advice to personalized tours, and we recommend contacting them before you make a reservation.

A local private guide will often offer you the option of hiring a vehicle for your own use or providing a driver for you. We always recommend that you go with a driver and allow yourself the freedom to relax and take in Africa’s exotic sights and sounds. Not to mention how easy it is for visitors to overlook what your guide will spot in an instant.

They know all the off-the-beaten-track favorite wildlife hangouts and lots of fascinating tidbits about the local history and culture of the people living in the area.

Local tour operators will work within your budget to arrange activities and game drives that perfectly suit your preferences and are one of the best ways to maximize your honeymoon safari.

Final Thoughts

An African expedition is the pinnacle experience for nature-loving newlyweds, offering the ultimate getaway that can forever change how you see the world. And while you and your new spouse can look forward to many vacations in the future, this African honeymoon safari may be the most fascinating and adventurous trip you will ever take together.

So enjoy the planning process together as you identify your priorities and work with an experienced tour operator; your reward will be the African honeymoon safari of your dreams.

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