Clothing Tips When Going On An African Safari

April 26, 2016

A safari in Africa can be a truly wonderful experience, but when you do not plan properly there are many things that can go wrong. You have to be really serious about this and this does include what clothes you will take with you. Clothing for an Africa safari is something that can easily make or break the entire experience. Unfortunately, most people do not dress accordingly and this will ruin the trip.

Any African safari should be seen as a true adventure! You will definitely find some great beach resorts in the continent, however this does not mean that you should miss out on the wild side of Africa. Whenever you plan to go on a safari in Africa, make sure that you consider the following really important facts:

Travel Light

Based on the tour operator that you consider, you will be allowed a maximum luggage weight. Ask before you go, but you should expect to be allowed to carry around 25 pounds. This practically means that you will have to travel light.

Bright Colors Should Be Avoided

During African safaris you will need to think about being comfortable. This is definitely not a fashion statement. You have to avoid all bright colors like orange and red, because of the fact that they are going to draw the animals. Whenever traveling or being on a walking tour, the clothes that you wear will make you a target and will draw in the predators. The best choice that you can make is wearing neutral colors like green-based colors or brown-based colors. Khaki is also a good idea for an African safari.

Comfort Is Always Important

There are so many people that simply wear clothes that are not at all comfortable. This is a huge mistake. You need to avoid tight fitting clothes as they are not at all comfortable during hot days. We recommend that you wear loose, light clothing.

Remember About Shoes And Hats

These items are always necessary. You have to cover the neckline with the use of hats, as you have to be protected from the really strong African sun. Most people are not actually used to that much heat, even if they believe they are. Your shoes need to be light and built for walking. Shoe numbers that you carry along should be kept at a minimum. One pair for casual occasions and one pair for when you are actually on the safari is all that you really need while on an African trip.

Bring Clothes For Cold Weather

Many are surprised to learn this, but the truth is that you have to take one light jumper or a sweater with you while on the African safari. Temperatures are really high during the day, although they can be really cold during the night. During the evenings, you have to wear the sweater since, otherwise without it you would be really cold. Just make sure that you do not overdo it and that you do not carry way too much weight with you.

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