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April 18, 2023

If you’re feeling a little dull these days and stuck in your same old routines, then consider trying some new technology. You’ll learn new things, increase your skills and perhaps develop new routines that can save you from boredom and make your life more interesting. Try out a few of the following.

Experiment with AI

Artificial Intelligence is all the rage these days. Even if you don’t use it for your job, you might experiment with it just for fun. Learn about generative AI, and then try an application to see what you can do with it. You may be surprised by the responses you receive from these programs. Some can make stories or poems. Others produce artwork. After you experiment for a while, you may want to do further research into exactly how AI works and what it is designed to do. Then you can decide whether you want to make further use of it and in what ways.

Start Gaming

If you’re like most people, you probably play games on your phone, tablet or computer now and then, but you may have never gotten into gaming in a major way. In that case, consider choosing a roleplaying or strategy game as a new technological hobby. There are many options available, everything from Lord of the Rings Online to Hogwarts Legacy to World of Warcraft. Select a theme or storyline that suits your tastes.

Set aside a little time for gaming each day. You’ll find this to be a good source of stress relief as well as fun. You’ll be able to develop a character in your chosen game, pursue quests and goals and follow fascinating stories that take you into a whole new world. Be warned! You will likely get hooked and have to exercise self-control so that you don’t play all day long.

Get a Smartwatch

Do you have a smartwatch? If not, then perhaps it’s time to invest in one. You smartwatch will sync with your phone, and you can use it to check notifications and apps, manage your media, track your fitness and health statistics, access GPS, streamline your hobbies and even record voice messages. In fact, you may be quite surprised by how much these little devices can do, and when you’ve had your smartwatch for a while, you might wonder how you ever lived without it.

Try 3D Printing

Prices are coming down on 3D printers, so one of these amazing machines may be your next technology enterprise. With a 3D printer, you can create all kinds of interesting things, everything from models of your favorite characters to replacement parts for broken household items. Take some time to read about how businesses and scientists are using 3D printing and how it has already made a major impact on some industries. Your experiments will be much smaller, of course, but still a lot of fun.

Enjoy Virtual Reality 

Have you ever tried virtual reality? It can take you for quite a ride in more ways than one! With virtual reality, you can enter into games in a whole new way, “travel” to places you’ve never see and explore the world as you probably never thought possible. Just be careful. Sometimes virtual reality can be so “real” that it’ll knock you right over!

Fly a Drone

Flying drones could end up an expensive hobby, but if you start small and purchase one designed for beginners, you can get the feel of the activity. Drones allow you take aerial photographs and videos, and you’ll have a great time learning to program and control them. Do your research before you buy so that you can choose the drone that works best for your situation and goals. Just don’t crash it!

Technology is always advancing, and before too long, today’s technology may be outdated. So don’t hesitate to try a few new technological gadgets. You’ll break out of your regular routine, learn something new and have fun.

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