Guide To Writing An Essay About Life

October 18, 2016

Life is inherently complicated. Writing about it can be equally complicated and even difficult at times. When writing about life, it is important to write about what you know and have experienced. Life’s ups and downs, twists and turns, triumphs and tragedies all serve as inspiration. They are part of the palette that a writer uses to craft their words and story.

Since life is, by nature, complex and subject to change, we must be prepared to face obstacles and challenges that are encountered on life’s journey and do our best to rise to the occasion. Writers are wordsmiths who should use these hurdles as source material for their totems. Life is rarely an easy path, but it is the long and winding journeys that tend to be the most worthwhile. It is also these rocky roads that provide terrific fodder for writers to develop and grow as artists.

As we evolve and mature as people, some of our tastes and interests change over time while others stay the same. As writers, it is important that we recognize and acknowledge those early years while we pay homage to our progression over the years and hone our skills as storytellers. Our experiences as young people shape us and prepare us for life. These same experiences, as well as our experiences as adults, feed us as writers. The same is true of traumatic or negative experiences early in our lives, it is all more grist for the writer’s mill in adulthood. After all, it only makes sense. As adults, we have grown up, matured, learned to drive, started a family, and processed the early experiences that helped to shape us as individuals. As a result, we as writers can provide new insight and prose to our memories, as well as create a narrative for our circumstances.

As for personality traits, many of these attributes will follow us throughout our lives while others might develop over time. This can be a defining aspect for writers and artists. Many of us may have enjoyed writing or expressing ourselves via the written word or some other creative outlet as youngsters, but never imagined it becoming a life pursuit, much less actually making a living at it. However, these early endeavors can often become sanctuaries and allow us to express our thoughts, feelings, and emotions, as well as envision our hopes, wishes, and dreams, without the fear of criticism, ridicule, or rejection. If we are lucky, these early ambitions will manifest themselves into a life goal in adulthood and those who are brave enough to pursue it will achieve a heightened sense of achievement.

Writers, in particular, can take this lesson to heart. The point is, to not give up and give into life’s struggles, for it is our ability to deal with life’s challenges and how we respond in the face of them that truly defines our nature as individuals. There is no better source material for a wordsmith than life’s trials and tribulations. Adversity can be an educator and tremendous source of inspiration. It is part of the writer’s job to develop this tool.

With all its complexities, life is a teaching experience and we are all students seeking to extract as much knowledge as possible. Through all the ups and downs, twists and turns, triumphs and tragedies, we, as writers and human beings, must be prepared to face life’s obstacles and challenges head-on, do our best to respond in a positive, productive way, and learn as much as possible along the way. It will likely be a difficult journey, but obstacles and challenges build resilience and are designed to make us stronger individuals. As a result, the struggle will be reflected in your words and recounted in your storytelling.

While the complex nature of life can make writing about it complicated and difficult, especially when painful circumstances are involved, it is important to write about your experiences. It all serves as inspiration and terrific source material. Ultimately, they are pieces of the puzzle that a writer uses to craft their words and story. That is my guide to writing an essay about life.

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