What To Do In Case Of Dog Bites In Huntington Beach

June 6, 2023

There is this general assumption that dogs are vicious, and that cannot be more untrue. The truth is, a dog will hardly attack you unless you provoke it first. But that being said, there is some truth in the fact that there have been cases where the dog attacked first despite not getting provoked. Situations like these usually occur when the dogs are trained to attack strangers or are mishandled by the pet owner.  Does this resonate with you? Were you visiting someone when you were attacked by a dog due to the negligence of the owner? Learn more here about the legal steps you can take. 

The statute of limitation for dog bite claims

If you are considering filing a lawsuit against the pet owner for a dog bite, hiring a personal injury lawyer could be of immense help. However, if you go on a full-on phase of learning more about your legal options, know that the clock is ticking and you will have around two years from the day of the attack to file a claim to recover damages. Any delay could cost you the entire compensation and weaken your case. Work fast in choosing the right dog bit lawyer.

Injuries that can be sustained

On another note, it’s also important for you to understand the kinds of injuries you can sustain when you get attacked by a dog. The most common kinds of injuries include cuts and lacerations. You may also get severe bruises or welts. There have also been cases where the victims suffered broken bones and punctured wounds. Needless to say, a severe attack can also be traumatizing for the victims. 

While we are here, it’s also worth mentioning that under some circumstances, you will also not be able to file a lawsuit against the owner, even if you were attacked first by the dog. The point is, there are exceptions. If it is established that you were trespassing on someone else’s land or provoked the dog first, there is nothing you will be able to do. Because in these cases, it was you who was responsible for the attack. 

Final thoughts

If you feel you were wrongfully attacked by a dog due to the negligence of the owner, get in touch with a lawyer. A personal injury lawyer for dog attacks will try everything in their power to prove the other party was negligent to get you the compensation you are entitled to. 

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