Cubicle Feng Shui: Designing An Energizing And Productive Work Environment

May 6, 2024

Most of us spend hours in a very small space called a cubicle. Though this seems like a space in which energy does not move freely, it actually can with just a few adjustments. Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese art of placement. It is how we can arrange our environments so that our well-being and productivity are enhanced.

What this basically means is that by applying principles of Feng Shui in your cubicle arrangement, you can turn your cubicle into a powerhouse of energy and efficiency. The whole approach is to get the environmental elements aligned in such a manner that the flow of energy is harmonious. Even in a small area like a cubicle, some minor changes in the arrangement can create major changes with great impact.

But the application of such principles does not necessarily entail a wholesale renovation of the space. Simple changes in the layout and decoration of the cubicle can do wonders for how you feel and work during the day.

Tips And Ideas For Using Feng Shui Principles With Your Cubicle

First, you have to set your desk. When doing this, place your desk so that you can see the entrance, but you are not directly in line with the door. This supposedly increases your sense of security and allows you to focus more, therefore being less distracted.

Lighting, too, is very important. You should place the desk in such a way that it gets maximum natural light. If not possible, then have a desk lamp with light that is soft and warm. Bright lighting will be harsh on the eyes and may also reduce energy levels. Moreover, the décor that you use in the cubicle should consist of soothing colors. Good choices are soft blues, greens, and earth tones as these help in setting the mood for a restful environment.

How To Decorate Cubicles For Good Feng Shui

Adding personal items or plants in the office can really bring some warmth to the workspace. Just a few family pictures or an inspirational artwork can light up your mood and really make you feel as though the space is yours. 

Plants also work great with Feng Shui. They fill your space with beauty and the air with the right, life force energy. For cubicles, small, low-maintenance plants like succulents and peace lilies are ideal. 

Keeping The Workstation Clutter-Free And Energizing 

To ensure good Feng Shui, keep the cubicle clear of clutter. Clutter can cause a disturbance in the energy around you and can lead to stagnation. Put papers and supplies in order at the end of each day. This not only keeps your area in order but also creates a new beginning each day. Investing in some simple organizational tools will help to keep everything in its place.


Embracing Feng Shui in cubicles does not mean big changes; it means small, mindful ones. Proper placement of a desk, the right choice of coloring, and tidiness in the space make it a pleasant and productive place. Make one or two changes, and slowly adjust your space to work better for you. 

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