Andi’s Bucket List

My Beautiful Adventures

  1. Have a baby (January 5, 2015)
  2. Visit all 7 continents
  3. Start my own business (November 2009)
  4. Live abroad for at least 1 year
  5. Have a travel story published in a magazine (July 2011,Travelhost)
  6. Have a photo published in a magazine (Año 2 – N°4 de 2008, Madero First)
  7. Have my photo published on the cover of a magazine (January 2014, Today’s Charlotte Woman)
  8. Get a tattoo in a foreign country (March 1996: Nassau, The Bahamas)
  9. Learn to scuba dive (May 2008: Great Barrier Reef, Australia)
  10. Get my advanced scuba license
  11. Travel abroad with my brother (June 2010: the Netherlands and Spain)
  12. Go on an African safari (May 2006: Kruger National Park, South Africa)
  13. Sky dive (May 2008: Great Barrier Reef, Australia)
  14. Go on a road trip through the Australian Outback (December 2007)
  15. Read a Gabriel Garcia Marquez novel in Spanish without a dictionary
  16. Visit Cuba without getting caught (July 2007)
  17. Swim with dolphins (July 2007: Vadadero, Cuba)
  18. Swim with whales in an aquarium (April 2009: Atlanta, Georgia)
  19. Swim with whales in the wild
  20. Ride an elephant (August 2007: Pattaya, Thailand)
  21. Hang glide in Rio de Janeiro
  22. Visit Japan during sakura (April 2006: Tokyo, Japan)
  23. Learn how to surf (June 2007: Jaco, Costa Rica)
  24. See my photos displayed in an art gallery
  25. Go on a solo yoga and/or surf retreat in Bali
  26. Take a cooking class abroad (November 2011, Florence, Italy)
  27. Zip line (July 2007: Las Terrazas, Cuba)
  28. Learn how to fly a plane
  29. Fly on a private jet
  30. Learn how to sail
  31. Take a sailboating trip throughout the Caribbean
  32. Trek through the Amazon Rain Forest (January 2010: Manaus, Brasil)
  33. Skinny dip in the Amazon River (January 2010: Manaus, Brasil)
  34. Climb an active volcano (June 2006: Arenal, Costa Rica)
  35. Visit all 7 modern Wonders of the World
  36. Travel solo in a country where I do not speak the language (December 2009: Brasil)
  37. Show up at the airport with my bag and passport and take the first available international flight
  38. Bungee jump (April 2012: Macau)
  39. Learn how to drive a stick shift
  40. Drive from the USA to Argentina
  41. Attend an Indian wedding in India
  42. Take a RTW trip with my son
  43. Go topless at a crowded beach (October 2007: Noumea, New Caledonia)
  44. Visit Salar de Uyuni and drive throughout the desert of Bolivia (January 2009)
  45. Take a hot air balloon ride (December 2008: Alice Springs, Australia)
  46. Hear the Dalai Lama speak (November 2005: Washington, D.C.)
  47. Celebrate New Year’s Eve on Copacabana Beach dressed in white (December 2009/10)
  48. Celebrate Carnival in Brasil
  49. Travel to outer space
  50. Visit the Potala Palace in Lhasa, Tibet (August 2008)
  51. Soak in a Japanese onsen (April 2006: Hakone, Japan)
  52. Ride on the Trans-Siberian railway
  53. Smoke pot in a cafe in Amsterdam (June 2010)
  54. Attend a World Cup match
  55. Fall in love with a foreigner (too many times to count!)
  56. Bathe in the Ganges River
  57. Float in the Dead Sea
  58. Go on a coffee tour around the world
  59. Surf and dive in the ocean around the most remote island in the world (October 2010: Easter Island, Chile)
  60. Have a boudoir session with an international photographer in a foreign country (October 2010: Santiago, Chile)
  61. Visit a foreign country at least 3X in 1 year (Argentina 2006, Australia 2008)
  62. Ride on the top of a moving train
  63. Get married in a foreign country (May 2011: Buenos Aires, Argentina)
  64. Have the honeymoon of my wildest dreams (May 2011: Brasil)
  65. Sleep in a villa in Tuscany (November 2011)
  66. Play with peacocks at the Peacock Pavilion
  67. Spend a week doing absolutely nothing but eating and drinking in the village of Gordes, France
  68. Spend the night in the Presidential Suite anywhere in the world (December 2011: Chicago, Illinois)
  69. Slice off the top of a bottle of champagne in public (April 2012: Macau)
  70. Go swimming in the Pink Lake Retba in Senegal
  71. Walk on a pink sand beach and bring some sand home with me (March 2013: Bermuda)
  72. Dive with stingrays in Stingray City (February, 2013: Cayman Islands)
  73. Get a travel-theme tattoo
  74. Ride a camel in the Sahara Dessert
  75. See a wild sloth with my husband


Andi’s Bucket List — 165 Comments

    • Hey Sofia,
      I actually did that in 2011, I swam with humpback wales in the kingdom of tonga. Just make sure you pick a responsible partner there to take you on a tour. Look up the good season and you will be able to swim with mothers and calfs! It is a very unique and breath taking experience. But kind of remote to get to, hehe.

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  4. I love your bucket list!

    For climbing an active volcano, I highly recommend Mt Yasur in Vanuatu (South Pacific)… you can sit on the rim of the crater as it spews out lava! It is so close that it seems like it’s going to land on you, but doesn’t. Prolly one of the coolest things I’ve ever done!

  5. I mentioned it on twitter, but you might want to check out our website for help planning #1, 17, 29 (Ecuador, Chile & Mt. Meru), 41 and most of 59. The climbing expert here at Adventures Within Reach mentioned that we generally discourage people from climbing ACTIVE volcanoes, but our 4 Peaks trip in Ecuador does include technically non-dormant ones :) Also, you might “Like” our adventure travelers page on facebook:

  6. I love how “learn how to drive stick shift” is on there twice! It’s really not that hard. just gotta learn first gear and you’re good to go!

    I need to make a bucket list of my own! I have to say that I’m jealous you’ve finished so much of yours! You will be my motivation!

    Much Love,

  7. ooo… we have so many things in common on our lists. I haven’t published mine but I’m thinking on doing so in the near future.
    Like you, I have always wanted to just show up at the airport and randomly pick the next flight… lol

    Would love to see how you read Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s novel without a dictionary. My first language is spanish and I still need to look up for some complex words he uses. :)

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  9. YEEEEESSSSS! You completed your #58!!! Rough time of it you must have had 😛 Haha, so awesome. And so many of these are along the lines of the bucket list I have in my head…

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  11. Dude, please tell me that you’re going to publish more! Your blog is just too important to become missed. You’ve acquired a lot to say, this kind of knowledge about the world is priceless. The internet needs you!!!

  12. btw – ur site rocks. just spent some time reading about ur trip to cuba, AAAMMMAAAZZZIINNGGG.

    My favorite though was perusing your bucket list and seeing goals with lines through them. progress is the best feeling in the world. thanks to you, i’ll be spending my afternoon writing/plotting my “2011 adventure list” :)

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  14. Hey, i’ve just come across your site – very cool and impressive bucket list.

    Earlier this year I spent a couple of months crossing the Atlantic in a rowing boat and got close to some pretty big whales. It was so tempting to have a swim with them but at the same time extremely daunting as they were so big in relation to the boat so I didn’t go for it. Next time…

  15. Just wanted to say that I adore your bucket list, and the few things that weren’t on mine I have quickly added :-) #12 is a rough one though.. haha i’ve been trying to get through cien anos de soledad for about a year now

  16. Just finally caught up on your wedding posts and I’m in awe. Stunning and beautiful love story. Congrats and big hugs to you. Now…one more thing to cross off on your bucket list…# 60! :)

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  24. Melanie here! I enjoyed this piece, please email me--I have a question about your blog. MelanieLBowen[at]gmail[dot]com on said:

    Melanie here! I enjoyed this piece, please email me–I have a question about your blog. MelanieLBowen[at]gmail[dot]com

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  27. Andi what an amazing list! I still haven’t got one. I have a 25 things before 25 list I did 2 months ago (I have 13 months to fufill it) and then my lifetime goals, but I have to say this is the most inspiring list ever. I read an article I think you’d love the other day about ‘Reverse Bucket lists’ though … creating a list of all the things you have done, so equal focus in on what you’ve accomplished so far, not what you havent yet done. Id love to see your list of that!

    Anna xo

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  29. I write a travel blog based entirely on my bucket list – and we have a lot of the same things! I wish I could travel as much as you do – you’ve done some pretty incredible things!

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  34. Hi, I noticed on your bucket list to include Bali for your next destination, let me know if I can send you any information to make your dream come true!

  35. When I was a kid it was a dream of mine to be a astronaut. Today I’m not sure if I would still be one but I would love to go into space. I would love to experience what space is really like instead of what we just see in pictures. Congrats in completing a lot of whats in your bucket list! I still have a long way to go!

    – Kristian

  36. I LOVE this. I have recently started a travel/life blog and think this is a great idea. I have plenty of things I always say are on my bucket list, but have never actually made one. Great, great idea with the documentation.

  37. Andi
    I am new to your blog. I love your joy of life. I noticed on your bucket list that you want to learn to sail. My wife Mindy and I sail the Great Lakes but are considering a move to Southport, NC. We’d love to help you check one off your list at no cost. Stay tuned.

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  40. Wow, you have a great bucket list! You have done so many things, I am definitely envious. I would love to swim with whales and ride elephants. You make me want to start a bucket list.

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  46. “Join the mile-high club”
    Can’t stop laughing at the fact you told the world! I’d have kept that as a private ‘no. 72’!

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  51. Reading this has inspired me to create my own list while living in Asia. So awesome you got to visit Japan during cherry blossom season!I can only imagine the beauty.

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