FAQ’s About My Upcoming Wedding (Part 3)

March 7, 2011

11. Who is doing your wedding photography?

Most of you know already about my obsession/girl crush on Kyle Hepp, aka international wedding photographer extraordinaire.  In case you missed it, I did a fabulous boudoir shoot with her at the W Hotel in Santiago Chile.  I knew that I wanted Kyle to shoot my wedding before I even met her, that is how much I respected her work.  Once she become one of my closest friends there truly was no other choice in my mind!

Photo Taken By: Kyle Hepp

A picture from the shoot. I intend to wear my hair and makeup very similar to this at my wedding.

12. What are you doing for a guest book?

My idea for our “guest book” came to me in a dream.  I dreamed of having a frame with matting large enough so that our guests could sign it and once our photos from Kyle were developed we could place our favorite photo inside of it.  I always thought guest books were a little pointless, since after the wedding they were usually tucked away on a bookshelf never to be read again.  But, with a frame hanging on the wall, we would be able to walk by our guests words of wisdom, encouragement, and love on a daily basis.  Imagine my surprise, when a couple of days after the dream I spotted the exact frame in a store.  I had no idea they actually existed!  They happened to be on sale, thus I bought three.  How could I choose only one photo from the hundreds that Kyle will take?

Wedding Guest Book

An example of the frame I bought.

13. What does your wedding ring look like?

Ready to say awww?  On my second trip to Buenos Aires (five years ago), Lucas surprised me with a promise ring (he had the exact ring made for himself as well).  It is a gold band with our names engraved inside.  We decided that these rings had so much sentimental value, that they would be our wedding rings. 

Wedding Ring

My future wedding ring.

Wedding & Engagement Ring

My wedding and engagement ring together.

After the wedding, I will only wear my engagement ring, as the two rings do not fit well together on the same finger.  However, when I travel I will probably wear my wedding ring, since it is less flashy.  Most likely in time I will also have another wedding ring made to fit my engagement ring and save the ring that Lucas gave me for our future daughter (if we are blessed with one).

14. What will be your father/daughter dance?

My father and I have a special bond over Frank Sinatra, thus there was no choice other than him for our father/daughter dance.

To be continued (please feel free to ask me anything you are curious about). . .

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Andi Perullo de Ledesma

I am Andi Perullo de Ledesma, a Chinese Medicine Doctor and Travel Photojournalist in Charlotte, NC. I am also wife to Lucas and mother to Joaquín. Follow us as we explore life and the world one beautiful adventure at a time.

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84 thoughts on “FAQ’s About My Upcoming Wedding (Part 3)

  1. FourDaysAWeek

    Andi, it’s all so wonderful. Love the photos and the story behind the rings. Lucas sounds amazing. Congratulations to you both! Thanks for sharing your journey with us. And thank you for being a sweet tweet ❤

    ❤ Mia

  2. kay*

    love all these details! love your rings, love how you plan to do your hair makeup….i was familiar with kyle’s work before you introduced us to her here on the blog…love her work…love it all!

    i know all about having a wedding photographer picked out in advance…i have one that i am in love with and when the day comes i want him to shoot my wedding – i won’t settle!

    i’m interested in travel photography too…i’ll have to check out kirsten’s blog 🙂

    1. Andi Perullo Post author

      Kyle is AMAZING!!! I still can’t believe she’s shooting my wedding. It’s so nice to know that I won’t have to worry AT ALL about the photos, because I know each one she takes will be a work of art. Definitely check out Kirsten’s blog! I just went on a press trip with her to Mexico and her photos from there are perfection! She’s going to be a star in the travel photography world soon. 🙂

  3. Akila

    We did something very similar for our wedding photo/guest book and had our photographer frame one of our pictures so the guests could sign it around the matting. It turned out great and is a great keepsake because we walk by it every day and think about all the wonderful people who came. My only piece of advice: wait until several days after the wedding to give it to the framers because a lot of people who were in the wedding party (i.e. bridesmaids, groomsmen, and our family) didn’t get a chance to sign it because they were already inside the reception area.

    1. Andi Perullo Post author

      Thanks for the advice darling, but actually ours are already framed! So, we just have to take the matting out of the frames so that guests can sign them and then we can put them right back into the frame afterward. I love that you did this as well!!!

  4. Kyle

    You are so cute Andi! Ever since we found each other’s blogs I’ve wanted to meet you too. You have no idea how excited Emily and I were when you started planning your Santiago trip.

    And I LOVE your rings. Love that you’re not afraid to NOT wear the typical diamond in your engagement ring, love the engraved band that Lucas had made because that’s so sweet. Love. it. all.

    1. Andi Perullo Post author

      Seriously my trip to Chile was one of my best trips EVER, you 2 felt like lifetime friends instantly!!! It was SO damn hard to leave. Thanks for all of the compliments!!! I’m always extra touched when you give me compliments, because you’re the pro when it comes to all of this. Hasta prontito mi amorcita <3

    2. Kirsten Alana

      I’m with Kyle, it’s sooo wonderful that the digital world could bring us all together!!!! I am very much looking forward to helping out in all the ways I can, both as a planner and videographer (and as a photographer – I won’t be able to shut that off though I will not get in Kyle’s way!!!!) it’s going to be an AMAZING TIME in Buenos Aires for us all!!!!!!

      1. Andi Perullo Post author

        OMG I just totally teared up reading this! Seriously this is going to be the BEST wedding ever!!! I’m going to be surrounded by such talent, but even more importantly such love! TQM

  5. Connie

    I actually did say “Aww” about the engagement ring! Everything sounds like it’s coming to place! I can’t wait to see the pics and video!

  6. Andrea

    LOVE your wedding ring! Would you believe that I missed out on a father/daughter dance at our wedding because of a mishap with our music? I’m keeping it in store for a future time with my Dad somewhere unexpected…que horrible!

    1. Andi Perullo Post author

      Noooo are you serious!?! I’m so saddened to hear that. I would be pretty heartbroken if that happened to me. I just attended a wedding and the sound system didn’t work, so they had to dance to their 1st song without music. I wanted to cry for them! I hope you get a dance with your dad SOON! XOXO

  7. Laura

    Hehe your elephant ring holder guy is so cute! I really like the wedding band story too! So sweet. I think we are just going to get traditional plain gold bands but I haven’t figured any of that out yet!

    1. Andi Perullo Post author

      We couldn’t figure it out either and since we’re not in person to shop together, we decided to use these bands. I love their history! We can always upgrade later. Isn’t my elephant ring holder adorable? I’m bringing him with me to the wedding! You know how much I love pink elephants!!!

  8. Laura

    I also think guest books are a bit pointless. My sister purchased a coffee table type of book of photographs from Charleston, where she got married, and had people sign that. My best friend did what you’re doing. I love doing something that will actually be seen & used!

    1. Andi Perullo Post author

      Agree 100%! If people are going to take the time to write something meaningful, then I want to be able to see it and reflect on it constantly!!! That’s a cool idea about the photos of Chaz.

  9. Ceri

    Kyle really is the perfect choice for photographer. I absolutely adore her work. I could look at her photographs all day.

    Fabulous idea for a guest book, hun. So true that no-one ever really reads through them again. I love that you’ve just gone with your instinct and have had so many wonderfully original ideas for your wedding.

    Oh, Kirsten’s videoing your wedding? Ohh, Andi, another fabulous photographer. You really are a lucky girl. 😀

    A beautiful ring to go with your engagement ring. (And I do love your little elephant there 😀 )

    The Way You Look Tonight – Excuse me while I shed a tear or two. <3

    1. Andi Perullo Post author

      Seriously, you always leave the BEST comments!!! THANK YOU LOVELY! Yes, I’m blessed with friends who are incredible talented–I love being around that creative energy. Some of my other guests are also professional photogs, singers, artists, etc. My dad and I have a shared love for Sinatra, so this was an easy choice. <3

  10. Emily

    I love the wedding rings – that really did make me “aww.” I know that I’ll be there to see it all in person, but I still can’t wait to see the photos afterward!

    1. Andi Perullo Post author

      And I love that you found the time to comment on my blog while you’re on vacay! Can I just say how excited I am that you’re coming to my wedding??? TQM

  11. Terra

    Love that picture, your make-up is so gorgeous! I always wish I could do make-up like that, someday:-) The idea for a picture frame guest book, is brilliant!!!!
    Take care,

  12. Alouise

    Let me just say right now “awww” and that’s coming from a pretty unromantic girl. You’re wedding sounds like it will be beautiful. I hope you share some pictures.

    Also it’s not wedding related, but I love your ring holder.

    1. Andi Perullo Post author

      I will absolutely share all of my wedding photos! I think there would be a blogging revolt if I didn’t haha. Isn’t that ring holder adorable? 🙂 Thank you!!!

  13. Danee Gilmartin

    I did the same thing with my guest book! I had my husbands dad draw a picture of us (he’s an artist) then everyone signed the big mat. It was great It’s on our wall now.

  14. Sarah

    I love how you’re not taking the typical route with any of your choices. It looks like this beautiful wedding will really represent the pair of you. Too many weddings these days just seem to be about show rather than really being about the two most important people. Looking forward to reading more about your plans!

    1. Andi Perullo Post author

      Thank you kindly!!! Well, I’m not a typical woman haha, so it was only fitting that we have an atypical wedding! And I agree, I think a wedding should absolutely 100% represent the couple. After all what matters at the end of the day is the marriage and not the wedding.

  15. Annie

    I’m loving these posts and so excited to hear more about your wedding as it gets closer and closer!

    I already know that for the wedding that I don’t know that I’ll have and have not even discussed, in many years to come, that I want Kyle to be my photographer too!

    Love your rings as well!

    1. Andi Perullo Post author

      I have to fwd Kyle this message, I know she’ll be touched! Isn’t she the best of the best? Thanks for your super sweet words about everything! 🙂

  16. Jeremy B

    Great stuff Andi! It’s a fun to see you feature and involve your readers in what is going on with the wedding.I’m not sure how many guys get into the details but in this process, it’s fun to learn more about you.

    1. Andi Perullo Post author

      Awww I treasure this comment, because I know a lot of my male readers have probably been disappointed with all of the wedding talk, so it’s great to hear that not ALL of my male readers have stopped following me. 🙂 Glad you’ve enjoyed it the details!!!

  17. Carlette

    Oh my such a beautiful choice!!!

    Ive played it about 4 times now and must admit it makes me a little teary because my dads an idiot BUT my mom will be taking his place of all the fatherly roles at a wedding. I think I’d like to dance to this song with her – it’s upbeat and happy and has all the right words!!

    I can only imagine how beautiful ur wedding will be!! Good Luck!

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