My Beautiful Adventures Announces New TV Show: Episode One — Hong Kong

March 26, 2012

Press ReleaseAward winning writer and photographer, Doctor of Chinese Medicine, and expert traveler, Andi Perullo, along with Christian Serge Productions is releasing a video and TV component to the already popular blog  The new series will feature Andi as she travels the world.  As the name suggests, My Beautiful Adventures will explore the most extraordinary cities around the globe showcasing the following: staying at some of the top resorts, finding super buys at some of the local markets, experiencing some of the most sought after excursions, and eating at the some of the best known and unknown restaurants.

While sleeping, shopping, playing, and dining in the city, the viewers will get more than a bird’s eye view.  Andi’s personality, feminine power, and sensual nature will add a strong visual component and give her followers access to her “flirt with life” attitude and her energy for seeking out the most beautiful places on the planet.

We decided to create a show based on the success of, because while the writing and pictures were very revealing, we found my readers wanted more“, Andi commented recently.  “I want the viewers to be even more inspired to get off the couch, get away from behind their computer screens, and be motivated to see the same places I have; to have the same beautiful adventures I have.”

The first episode will be set in Hong Kong.  Scheduled for production in early April 2012, My Beautiful Adventures — Hong Kong will be released in a 4-part web series with TV support coming soon.  Sponsors such as Swire Hotels have joined in to create a luxurious home base.

Andi is no stranger to press.  When she travels, she is usually accompanied by the most celebrated journalists in her field.  Her blog readership boasts over 150,000 page views a month.  But that is not all, meeting Andi is like meeting a traveling smile.  Her human magnetism and ability to be viewed as a “real woman” with real answers make her an easy choice for host of the show.

Christian Serge, creator of the show said, “Andi is the sugar and spice of the show.  Her charisma and passion for life easily translates on the lens.  And her command and experience as a Chinese Medicine Doctor and travel professional will give this genre of TV a new kind of attitude for luxury — an “I can do this too” type of attitude.”

Other cities on the list are: Bora Bora, Cinque Terre, Bali, Stockhom, Agra, and many more.  Look for the first release of My Beautiful Adventures on Andi’s YouTube channel at the end of April.  In the meantime, make sure you are following Andi on her personal Facebook page and her Facebook fan page, as well as Twitter (hashtag #mybeautifuladv), since she will be updating live from every shoot.

For more information contact Christian Serge at #602-300-1013 or email at

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Andi Perullo de Ledesma

I am Andi Perullo de Ledesma, a Chinese Medicine Doctor and Travel Photojournalist in Charlotte, NC. I am also wife to Lucas and mother to Joaquín. Follow us as we explore life and the world one beautiful adventure at a time.

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234 thoughts on “My Beautiful Adventures Announces New TV Show: Episode One — Hong Kong

  1. fotoeins | Henry

    Congratulations, Andi! As I’m headed back to Hong Kong in June, I’m looking forward to your own views, likes and dislikes about Hong Kong. I hope that your brand new tv-show finds a warm and loving home with a new audience to add to your total views. 🙂

  2. Alex

    Andi, this is so exciting, congrats! I can’t wait to see you in film… it will be like meeting you in a whole new way… hopefully to be followed soon by an in-person meeting!

    1. Andi Perullo Post author

      I wish that we had been able to spend more than a few seconds together last year at the NY Times Travel Show. I have a strong suspicion that our paths will cross again soon though whether abroad or in Charlotte!!! XO

  3. Christy

    How exciting, Andi! Congrats! We are going to Cinque Terre in May! It’s one of the only places I regret not seeing on my last Italy trip. Oh.. and you are going to LOVE Bali!

    1. Andi Perullo Post author

      Oh yay, what a fabulous and romantic trip. Can’t wait to see your pics. And I have no doubt that I’m going to fall hopelessly in love with Bali!!!

  4. kay*

    Wow! What exciting news indeed! I’ve been so busy lately and as such have been horrible at keeping up with my regular blog reads but I’m SO happy and excited for you!! You’re doing amazing things lady – the sky is the limit!!

  5. Kristen

    This is beyond exciting! It must feel great to have your talent and passion for life recognized after such hard work and dedication to your craft. Everyone knows you deserve this 🙂

  6. Traveling Ted

    I am not sure who I am more excited for: you, your readers, or me. Now we all get to see your wonderful charisma and beauty on video instead of just seeing pictures and reading your accounts. I agree that your personality will fit well onto the screen, especially after meeting you and seeing how awesome you are in person. Congratulations and good luck on the new venture.

    1. Andi Perullo Post author

      Seriously, best comment ever, thank you from the bottom of my heart for you support over the years. I can always count on you to be my rock! Thank you Ted!!! <3

  7. Liesl

    How exciting!!! Congratulations, love this! Thank you so much for stopping by my blog…yours is lovely! I have lots of catching up now on past posts to do! 🙂

  8. Deborah Thompson

    Hey Andi – so that’s what you’ve been up to lately! Fantastic, we’re really happy for you and we look forward to watching your show. Looks and sounds like you will have a hit show on your hands, and you really have an eager audience. Congratulations!

  9. Annie

    Aw seriously Andi, this is sooo cool! I am so so so happy for you and like I said on Facebook, you deserve it!! Enjoy every second, as you always do!

  10. Dave Indie Traveler

    Stumbled upon your site while catch up on my travel reading this morning. New to travel writing myself, and very very happy to for you. Great news and great job and an inspiration to me in my “coming soon” efforts.

    1. Andi Perullo Post author

      Wow so happy you stumbled across my blog and I’m delighted that I inspire you. Travel writing is one of the greatest and more rewarding professions in the world!!! Best wishes!

  11. Madaline

    Mi amor que chevere! Felicidades en tu nueva etapa de carrera…que emoción!
    Te deseo grandemente todo lo mejor y que Dios te bendiga! Te quiero mucho amiga!


    Oh Andi, I’m so excited for you! wow, I just read your announcement on MyBeautifulAdventures. this is fantastic news! what an absolutely wonderful new endeavor. I can’t wait to watch the episodes. you’re such a sweetheart, I’m sure you’ll be a natural at travel hosting. really looking forward to following your new adventures. love the show format and the destinations you’ve chosen… Hong Kong/Macau, Bora Bora, Cinque Terre, Bali, Stockhom, Agra.

    Safe travels & Congratulations!!!


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