Top Trends For Your Home This Spring

February 17, 2016

Spring may feel a million miles away, as we are wrapped up in coats and scarves and praying for the sunnier weather to arrive through the rain, but it does not have to be that way in your home. Get a head-start on rejuvenating your space and breathe a fresh lease of life into your home with spring’s hot new interior trends; taking that spring clean with the feather duster to a whole new level!

Welcome To The Jungle

One of the top collaborations this year will be fashion designer Henry Holland’s collection for Habitat, which will really add a splash of color to your surroundings. Think a vibrant jungle theme, with bright color clashes, exotic patterns, and mixed materials including bamboo and rattan. Henry’s collection leads the way for a big trend both on and off the catwalk this year, which sets to take the world by storm with botanical prints and unusual materials being used more frequently in the home.

Bringing Back A Classic

On the other end of the spectrum, a strong monochrome trend is also gearing up to make an appearance. With top designers in the fashion world producing more black and white pieces for spring, you can expect to see more and more creeping into the world of interiors, as well all over the catwalk. Alongside black and white tableware and soft furnishings, cool grey palettes are edging their way in, complementing the two, as well as pairing perfectly with warmer pastels should you want to introduce some color. Trends will always change, but there is always room for a chic classic.

Open Spaces And Multifunctional Furniture

Spring is all about clearing out the cobwebs that have gathered over the dismal winter months and what better way to do so than to to clear up some space in your house? This year, it is all about collecting unique versatile pieces for the home that serve more than one purpose — such as bookshelves for bedside tables or zip and link divan beds with hidden storage to hide the clutter. What is a zip and link bed? The answer to all your design needs of course! Save space in your bedroom with a two-in-one comfort and storage option that is also stylishly savvy; letting you mix up the sleeping arrangements depending on how many guests you will be expecting.

Typing Up A Storm

As well as vibrant patterns, typography is set to be a huge trend to kick off the year, especially while everyone still has their inspirational New Year resolutions fresh in their minds. Got a favourite quote? Why not have it printed on your curtains, blinds, or homeware where it can be easily displayed? Or if you are not ready to commit to one quote just yet, get your hands on some black paint, paint a section of a kitchen wall, and go crazy with the chalk when you have some motivational words in mind. That will really help get you going with your morning coffee and you can have fun changing this depending on your mood.

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