Five Turkish Sweets To Try When Holidaying In Turkey

May 25, 2016

Turkey is not a destination that is a hard sell for anyone with the travel bug. It is a country packed with superb beaches, astonishing natural landscapes, numerous historical sites, and a cultural scene that makes you feel at home from the moment you arrive. That is before we have even gotten to the desserts!


If you have heard of one Turkish sweet then it will be baklava. What you might not know is that there are many different types. The most well-known variety combines sweet filo pastry with chopped pistachios or walnuts and plenty of sugar syrup. You will find baklava everywhere you go in Turkey, but just remember that it must be eaten fresh. If you want to try making it at home, here is a great recipe.


Kaymakli Kayisi

Kaymakli kayisi is a bit of a mouthful — in every sense of the word. This gorgeous traditional dessert is composed of dried apricots soaked in sugar syrup and stuffed with crushed pistachios and kaymak, which is a rich Turkish cheese that can be substituted for clotted cream or mascarpone. If you would like to try it yourself without booking a flight to Turkey, check out this recipe.


If you love baking, you will definitely want to sample some revani, a beautifully moist semolina sponge cake, that is flavored delicately with lemon, orange zest, and sugar syrup. You will find revani all over Turkey, but you can also whip it up fairly easily yourself, using this recipe.



Asure or Ashure is one of those dishes that travelers either love or hate. Nicknamed “Noah’s Pudding”, the dessert is essentially a porridge made with grains, fresh and dried fruits, beans, and, nuts. Common ingredients include chickpeas, haricot beans, figs, apricots, and raisins. Try it out yourself with this recipe.


The central ingredient of kunefe is an unsalted cheese called hatay, which can only be found in Turkey (mozzarella comes fairly close). Filo pastry is soaked in sugar syrup and used to coat the hatay, and the whole thing is then fried and topped with pistachios, kaymak, or ice cream. Make it yourself using this great recipe.

Whether you are considering Turkey holidays to Marmaris or Olu Deniz, absorb the aromas and flavors of this fascinating country by dining in local restaurants. You will often find that meals are good value for money, just make sure you leave space for dessert! And if you cannot make it this year, you have always got our recipes for some home baking.

Images Mike Feist and fugzu used under Creative Commons license.

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