Seven Ways To Keep Your Woman Happy

December 27, 2016

There is no person in this world who has never talked about happiness. Everybody dreams about it since their birth, but the thing is that happiness is an abstract category and we can neither touch, nor see it. As a result, opinions about happiness vary from person to person. But generally, the things which a human being desires most of all form their idea about happiness.

So, what is it that any woman wants most of all? A lot of guys know the answer: to be treated in a special way. The problem is that they do not know how to do that.

Well, here are the seven simple tips that we get from dating with ladies from Russia, which can help you please your woman and keep her happy:

Look At Life From Your Woman’s Point Of View

Do you remember the saying that men and women are creatures from different planets? Well, though the planet we are born on is the same, the way we perceive this life really differs. Thus, from time to time you should look at things from your woman’s viewpoint. It will help you understand the situation better and avoid some misunderstandings.

Do Not Ignore Her Opinion

It is a bad idea to ignore her opinions just because “she is a girl” and you as a strong man “know better”. The fact that she is a woman does not make her less wise or less intelligent. History knows a lot about when “strong men” were defeated by “weak women”. Besides, the realization of the fact that her opinion is important for you will definitely make her happy.

Remember About Special Occasions

Never forget about your special occasions together. Almost every woman is sensitive about such things. Even the events, which may seem trivial to you, can be of considerable importance to her. For example, she will always remember the exact day when you first met and the first time you kissed her. Of course, your wedding day or her birthday are the most important. Besides, each woman believes that the occasions that are special to her are equally respected by her husband or boyfriend.

Make Her Friends Envy Her

Envy is a bad feeling and it creates a lot of harm to people who suffer from it. However, strange as it may sound, envy can strengthen your relationship. If you treat your woman with love and care, focus all your attention on her needs, and pay her complements (especially when you are in the company of her friends), sooner or later you will notice them looking at you with admiration. It will make your woman be proud of you and grateful to her fate for giving her such an ideal man.

Be A Hero For The People She Loves

No matter how much she loves you her family and friends will never become less important to her. She will always listen to their opinion and from time to time follow their pieces of advice. Make them your allies. Do your best to charm them. Treat them with respect and friendliness. Keep the promises you give her and the people she loves. Women love reliable men. They want to feel secure and nothing will emphasize your reliability and trustworthiness more than fulfillment of your promises. She will be extremely happy if her father, mother, or her friends say to her that she is really lucky to have such a wonderful boyfriend or husband.

Be Witty

Do not forget about humor. Girls like laughing. It always helps to relax, experience positive emotions, and makes any communication special and more pleasant.

Be A Gentleman

It is a well-known fact that woman — no matter how old they are — loves attention, complements, and flowers. All in all, it is not such a difficult thing to pay complements to the woman who you love, call her to ask how she is, give her a little present (not only on some special occasions, but on ordinary days too), even she lives somewhere in Russia, you can organize flower delivery in Russia, and show her that you really care about her. All these things will overwhelm her with happiness and she will do all her best to share it with you.

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