Seven Surprising Myths And Facts You Did Not Know About Hair Growth

October 30, 2017

You must have heard in your childhood that frequently oiling your hair can make your hair grow faster. Well, this might be one blunt myth, but on the other hand it can be one solid truth. Hair growth myths have been in discussion since the ages and people in the golden years have used methods that emphasized more on their hair health, rather than beautifying other parts of the body. However, now it is not just a matter of discussion, it is a complete subject as countless research has been done to prove the so-called myths about hair growth completely wrong. To prove our verdict, we have assembled a list of seven myths and facts regarding hair growth that will leave you in surprise and will prove your much-anticipated hair knowledge wrong. Let us have a look:

1. Trimming Your Hair Will Make It Grow Faster

Frequent trims are always associated with better hair growth. We have been hearing this phrase for ages and still follow it. But, is there something good about this hair therapy, true or false? It seems true, although the reality is somewhat different. Cutting off your hair does not exactly makes your hair grow faster, but it prevents hair from falling out and makes your hair look fuller. Trimming the ends of your hair stylizes the overall look and makes it appear thicker. Above all, it eliminates split ends that can cause future breakage and damage. And if these split ends are left unattended, they can further split into horrible shafts causing more damage to your hair.

Trimming or cutting will not let your hair grow faster, but will rejuvenate its beauty, prevent breakage, and make it lustrous. Think of it as a good deceptive method, rather than a hair growth trick.

2. A Better Diet Can Promote Hair Growth

A healthy diet can aid hair growth, but that does not mean you just eat and do not incorporate other things to make the process much better. Overdoing it through a diet is not a healthy solution, it is never recommended as the excess of anything is harmful — be it healthy fruits and vegetables or rich chocolate chip brownies! However, when we talk about hair health, some natural foods need to be consumed to promote hair growth. As your hair is made up of proteins, you require protein-rich foods such as eggs, fish, meat, and chicken to regulate the growth process. It is recommended to incorporate a palm-sized portion or 120g of such protein-rich foods in your daily diet.

Other than proteins, complex carbohydrates can also provide the necessary energy for rapid growth of hair cells. Usually, red meat contains a high level of iron that helps your body to produce hair cell proteins better and faster. So, this fact about hair growth is more of a truth and can be labeled as one successful hair tip.

3. Supplements/Pills Works Best for Hair Growth

When we talk about hair growth, the first thing that comes to mind is “Thicktails” (Hair Growth Vitamins). This vitamin has become the talk of the town, because of its blessed results, but there are many unanswered questions, such as what the sole purpose of this vitamin is. Is it some hair thickening vitamin or does it increase the length of your hair after taking it for a good period? There are a lot of vitamins that support better hair strength, as detecting hair growth in a few months is not an easy job. Hair pills or supplements work to control hair loss, rather than stimulating hair growth. Where hair loss is due to the deficiency of vitamins or minerals, supplements work here much better rather than focusing on the hair growth. But despite all this, preventing hair loss can promote hair growth, and you will see some better results after 12 weeks.

So for now, supplements for hair growth cannot be considered a myth, but you need to be extremely patient to see the results, as you will not get that incredibly lengthy hair in just a few weeks.

4. Shampooing Every Day Will Shed Your Hair

Hair loss is the first reason that affects your hair growth. From the past several decades, a hair myth has been circulating claiming that shampooing every day can cause heavy hair loss or even baldness. Well, that is not true at all. People take this myth seriously just because they see their drains clogged with hair during showers and simply associate shampooing with shedding. Shampooing usually discards all the broken hair strands that have been building up in your hair.

Shampoo simply cleans dirt, oil, and sebum from your hair and exfoliates your scalp. This process, in turn, provides a clean environment to boost hair growth. It is always recommended to use a gentle hair shampoo. So do not be rigid to your hair and relax.

5. Frequent Brushing Will Make Your Hair Stronger

Brushing your hair frequently has nothing to do with the strengthening of your hair. This technique simply stimulates your head muscles and over brushing can cause serious damage to the hair follicles. You might be thinking that this therapy is doing something well to your hair. But, it is somehow removing excess broken hair and is more used to stylize them. So, it is always recommended to brush your hair when you feel it is knotty or after a bath when it is half wet or else leave it alone.

Thus, brushing your hair 100 times will not make it grow longer and that is a fact. So, do not waste your time by following this surprising myth, as your relaxed mind can better affect your hair, rather than constant brushing.

6. Regular Oiling Will Make Your Hair Grow Longer

Regular oiling is one of the most popular hair growth myths and facts that people usually deny. According to them, oiling is a one-stop treatment for dull and weak hair and is best to for hair growth. An oiling technique is made for your scalp and when it is applied to the tips of your hair it only adds luster and shine. Unlike many other hair products that sit in the scalp, oil can penetrate easily in the hair cuticles to make them stronger. Regular oiling can protect your hair from bleach, damage, and heat. It works as a shield for better protection.

Hence, it is proved that oiling your scalp or hair tips will not affect your hair length that much, but indeed this hair therapy will work for healthier and shinier hair.

7. Wearing Your Hair Up And Tight Will Damage Your Hair

To be extremely concise, this is one of the hair growth facts we are sharing with you and that is wearing your hair up and tight for a long time can hinder your hair growth. This hair tying technique can easily contribute to hair loss, as it might result in pulling off your hair. Tightly tied hair can put a lot of pressure on the hair strands that can cause severe damage to the hair and its follicle. If such practice is done on a daily basis, permanent hair loss can be experienced, as it will halt the process of new growth.

So, to maintain healthy and fast growing hair, you need to be extremely cautious and have to follow some solid hair facts. Always be gentle to this blessed body part, as excessive rubbing and pulling can cause severe circumstances. Well groomed hair is a big plus point in your personality, so always be careful and focus on better lifestyle!

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