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January 7, 2018

Marketing strategies change and change often! What once worked years ago may not work now. Things that do not work now might work next week. Other trends are not so much trends, as they are tried and true methods. Before beginning your next advertising campaign, let us take a look at some tips and tricks on what can help you on your journey.

College Was Not A Waste

Most college courses for your degree come with a bounty of learned knowledge that can help you on your journey into marketing. Yes, a marketing course could help you, but even if you did not take a marketing course, there are other courses that would have helped. The person who learned fashion merchandising knows how to promote apparel sales and can translate that into any type of marketing, even if they do not work in fashion merchandising. The person who mastered micro and macroeconomics can use their knowledge to make the economy to work for them through marketing. Even your network of people that you learned alongside can help you come into contact with new marketing trends and methods to tweak to fit your needs. While many may discount a true need for a college education, you still learned things that can help you along the way.

Social Media Will Always Be Useful

Social networks may seem like a fluffy way of keeping up with friends and family, but it also is essential to the marketer. It allows for that personal connection with your target market and can broaden who you can reach outside of traditional marketing techniques. Sharing products on Instagram, hosting Q&A sessions on Facebook Live, hosting a Twitter party with an unveiling of a sale or new product, or even creating holiday greeting videos on YouTube will help spread the word and connect you with people who may not have learned about your service or product.

Live Action Intrigues Us

Speaking of video, there are no signs of video marketing slowing down. Companies are utilizing this helpful tool to promote their products and services, unveil new product lines, share new changes to companies, and get closer to their target market with the aid of live and recorded video. In the days of old, it would be expensive to create a television ad, but with so many free video platforms available it has become a tangible option for all sorts of businesses. We highly recommend that if you are going to do recorded video, hire a professional camera person and make sure that the video is the best quality you can provide. 

Create The App

Apps have become a hot commodity in the digital world. Not only can you create and sell your ads onto other apps, having your own app can be an important marketing tool. You can send special coupons for app holders, make special announcements, and offer special incentives for those who share the app with others. Apps are meant to simplify our shopping experience and you can utilize it too. If you are offering a service rather than a product, a mobile app can still be a functional asset. You can send alerts to when the service will be delivered or to announce new service options. Customer service feedback is also a fantastic option in an app to get real-time notification of customer satisfaction. The possibilities are truly endless!

With all marketing trends and tricks, knowing your target market is crucial. Learning the habits of your market can help you figure out how to best advertise to them so that they can get to know you and your business. No matter what tip you use, always make that connection.

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