Tips On How To Properly Care For Your Hair Wig

February 8, 2018

Wigs, just like normal hair, have to be properly maintained. Caring for your wig has the benefit of increasing its lifespan, in the process, saving you a lot of money. Your wig says so much about you. Imagine showing up to a function with a dirty, smelly, and unkempt wig. Your image would be dealt a severe blow if such a thing was to happen. So, for the purpose of hygiene and being neat, here are several ways of maintaining your wigs to keep them healthy and strong:

Type Of Wig

First and foremost, the most important thing to know is the type of wigs you have. Are they synthetic, natural, or a blend of both? Each type has its own set of instructions for proper maintenance. For instance, synthetic hair cannot withstand heat and tangling, while human hair wigs can, because they are strong. Keenly pay attention to the maintenance guidelines attached to your wig.

Shampoos And Conditioners

Secondly, you should purchase the right shampoos and conditioners for your wig and you can easily buy them from There are shampoos and conditioners solely made for wigs. Normal shampoos and conditioners have chemical compositions that are too severe for wig hair. Washing your wig hair using regular shampoo will destroy its texture, style and general appearance. During washing, avoid rubbing and massaging the wig. Use warm water to rinse it. After gently washing it, detangle it and then let it dry. Use a nice wig brush to untangle the hair.

Avoid Using Hair Sprays

Avoid using all types of shine sprays on your wig. It does not matter whether your wig is synthetic or human. Using different types of sprays makes the wig greasy and uncontrollable. Although many people still spray their wigs, it is advisable that you seek expert advice before using shine sprays.

Do Not Use Heat To Dry Or Style Your Wig

Whether it is styling or drying your wig, avoid heat at all cost. Too much heat can damage human hair wigs. Synthetic wigs can easily melt when exposed to heat from a hair dryer or a curling iron. In case you want to straighten your wig, use curlers instead of a curling iron.

Consult A Stylist If You Want Modifications Done

Treat your wig like your real hair. Once you make a mistake on your hair, you have to live with that mistake for a long time. The same principle is also true for wigs, although you will have to buy a new wig, because it cannot grow back like real hair. Consult a stylist for advice. Wigs are different and you cannot assume that one technique works for all wigs. Get a wig expert to properly guide you.

Do Not Shower Or Sleep With Your Wig

Too much water damages wigs. Although, wigs have to be washed regularly, you should ensure that your wig avoids water contact as much as possible. You should therefore not wear your wig in the shower, in the rain, or while swimming in the pool. You should also remove it before you sleep to avoid tangles and knots in your wig.

The Wig Should Be Kept Upright And Covered

When not in use, hang it on a hook or a mannequin to avoid tangling. Alternatively, wigs come with a netting material used to keep away dust. You may store it inside this netting material to keep it safe from substances that may ruin it.

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