How To Make The Most Of Your Home Office In A Small Space

February 14, 2018

A home office can be a source of your livelihood, an area to work without any interruptions, or a space to carry on working away from your organization. This is why you must personalize the space to perfectly suit your tastes and desires. This will ensure that you become more productive and get more work done irrespective of the space that you have. These guidelines will help you maximize your small home office space.

Pick the right space

You do not want to have your office in the living area or lounge because that is where your family members will congregate. You can easily convert a part of the garage or unused guest house into a comfortable office space and add desk dividers to have an office vibe. You can also compromise on other spaces by settling for a corner in your kitchen, along a wall, or unused cupboard space. Whatever small space you have, it should be able to perfectly fit your working desk and chair.


You need to choose furniture pieces that have a balance of function and comfort. Your desk, chair, and storage cabinets should maximize on space, while providing you with everything that you need. With tight spaces, you can opt for standing desks and vertical storage shelves. You need to be more creative to ensure proper space management in tight office spaces.

Color schemes

You should customize your home office in a small space to suit the needs and tastes of the people who will be working there. Personalize the space by using colors that portray a sense of happiness and warmth. An excellent color scheme will encourage focus, creativity, cohesiveness, and will make you feel comfortable and calm. Using a mix of bold colors can slow down your work productivity.

Clean up the space

With a small working area, you must ensure that it is clean and well organized. Your wires and cables should be tacked away behind the desks and along the walls. Your desk should be clean without any mess or disorganization. A clean working area will enhance your productivity and ensure that you utilize your time optimally.

Avoid destructions

When working at home, you will need brain breaks to maximize your productivity. Whether you choose a book, musical instrument, or a game on your phone, you should ensure that it is far enough so that it does not distract you while working. This will ensure that you are not constantly tempted and end up distracted rather than working.

Get comfortable

When working in a small space, you must ensure that you are comfortable to guarantee focus and productivity. You should ensure that your workstation perfectly fits on your space to avoid lots of straining. You can also invest in anti-glare screen for your laptop or PC as it will boost your comfort level enabling you to get your work done.

To make maximum use of your small home office space, ensure that you make a list of what you will be using the office for. This will ensure that you organize your small space to suit your needs and desires. This is because you will focus on purchasing furniture, décor, and office equipment to help you in your endeavors. You will be able to clear away any extra items to help create more space. With the aforementioned guidelines in place, you will enjoy working in your small home office.

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