Types Of Autism Therapy That May Be Beneficial For Your Child

May 2, 2019

Did you know that 1 in 59 children are diagnosed with being on the autism spectrum disorder (ASD)?

If your child has been diagnosed with autism, you may be contemplating different types of breakthrough in autism treatment to support your kid.

However, anyone who has searched the internet for autism therapies knows how overwhelming this can be. There are simply so many techniques, you can come away more confused. You can also read this article regarding the Fragile X clinical trial to learn about the treatment options if you find that your child has FXS as well.

In this article, we are going to cut through the noise. Here is the type of autism therapies which may be beneficial for your child:

1. Occupational Therapy

You may have heard of Occupational therapy (OT). It is about supporting children with autism to better fulfill everyday tasks.

Does your child have trouble with basic tasks, such as doing up shoelaces? This is absolutely normal among kids with autism.

In fact, up to 70 percent of children with autism suffer from “sensory modulation/processing disorder.”

In other words, it can be harder for them to pick up simple tasks. But, with your help and the support of therapy, they will eventually get the hang of things.

OT encourages the learning of such tasks and activities through play as much as work. They learn how to care for themselves, such as dressing themselves and brushing their own teeth

But, they also focus on how to interact in their environment. For example, tidying up their bedrooms or playing with building blocks. 

OT can be tailored toward the specific needs of each child. This makes it preferable for many parents seeking a flexible approach to therapy.

2. Speech Therapy

Around 64 percent of children on the autism spectrum also display signs of speech disorders. As a result, many of them learn to speak much later than the average child.

Speech therapy can help with improving the speaking and communication for children with autism. Activities which can help improve speech are not always verbal either. Speech therapy that is easy and convenient can help improve speaking.

This therapy also emphasizes eye contact and taking turns in conversation as well. Children also encouraged to make sure of symbols or pictures to convey a message to others.

You can learn more about speech therapy for children with autism and other types of therapy at this autism center

3. Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)

Have you heard of the carrot and stick approach? The Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy is all about the carrot.

When a child with autism behaves positively, they are given positive reinforcement. This can manifest as either a reward or encouraging feedback. 

The results of ABA for children with autism is so impressive that up to 50% of them return to mainstream classrooms after undergoing therapy. 

However, unlike other types of autism therapy, ABA is divided into multiple approaches. These can be summarized into four types.

  • Discrete Trial Training
  • Early Intensive Behavioral Intervention
  • Pivotal Response Treatment
  • Verbal Behavior Intervention

Each of the different approaches has advantages and disadvantages. You have got to decide with your child which is the most appropriate for your child’s needs and goals. 

4. Social Skills Class

Around 90 percent of people with disabilities of different kinds lose their jobs due to poor soft skills. The importance of social skills cannot be overestimated for ensuring your child has opportunities in life. 

Social skills classes can help to improve your child’s ability to interact with other people, especially their peers. This can be carried out on multiple levels, from one-on-one to community-wide classes.

The therapy helps the child with autism to role play interacting with other people in a safe environment. Therefore, when in the “real world,” they’re better for prepared social encounters. 

The social skills classes should normally be facilitated by a professional therapist. And yet, parental input is absolutely essential to the success of the sessions. 

5. Therapeutic Horseback Riding

There is a growing body of research which points to the capacity of animals to help people with a wide range of mental health problems and disorders.

There are also benefits of children with autism interacting with animals. They learn to connect socially and emotionally with animals. This is easier since it is without the demands of language.

The unconditional love of a pet has surprising benefits. And yet, even animal lovers may raise an eyebrow at the so-called “Therapeutic Horseback Riding” which is also known as “hippotherapy.”

The child learns to ride a horse, which allows them to respond and adjust to the physical movements of the horse. There is evidence that the therapy improves the social skills and speaking ability to patients.

Many children with autism also suffer from hyperactivity. This is also been found to be improved after therapeutic horseback riding.

Of course, not every parent would feel comfortable with putting their young child on the back of an animal. But, it’s a worthwhile therapy which can be carried out safely with the right support. 

6. Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS)

Have you heard of the therapy called Picture Exchange Communication System?

PECS is designed for children with autism who have trouble speaking and understanding.

It involves the exchange of pictures on cards as a form of communication. Researchers have only found limited evidence that PECS is effective for children with autism.

However, there are normally improvements with the child’s capacity to communicate wants and needs. However, speaking remains a barrier for many patients who undertake the therapy.

Which Types Of Autism Therapy?

There are numerous types of autism therapy. You can try with your child which one works best for you.

Not every type of therapy is effective for every child with autism. Every child is different and should be treated accordingly. 

For some parents, the Therapeutic Horseback Riding Therapy is too wild. As for other parents, they may be very eager to get results if Occupational Therapy does not work.

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