Top Tips To Maintain The Carpet And Keep It Clean

May 8, 2019

The beautiful rugs and carpets help in enhancing the look of the floors. It makes the interiors look even better. Its popularity has made it a part of every house today.

But on the other hand, it is also one of the dirtiest things that your house have. Many people do not realize that cleaning them is important as it is a tedious task. An uncleaned carpet is a home to thousands of germs that can make the family members sick.

In addition to this, to maintain the impressive look of the carpet, get rid of the stains as soon as possible.

When the dirt enters the carpet fibers, it attacks the fibers with its blade-like texture. And when someone steps over such a carpet, the dirt grates over the soft fibers. It causes damage to the carpet. That is why the luster of the carpet is also lost.

If such a carpet is not cleaned regularly, it can catch the dust easily and stain more which gets tougher to clean.

To get started, here are some easy carpet-cleaning tips that can make the process easier. Check them out for a clean and freshly-smelled carpet.

1. Carpet protectors are the real helpers

Do you think that your expensive carpet needs protection from bad odor, stains, ultraviolet rays, dirt, etc.? It is the carpet protector that can be of great help here.

Carpet protection is the best way to save your carpet from dust particles and erosion in the high traffic area. If your house has children and pets, you must not think twice before installing the carpet protector.

2. Clean the carpets with the change in the season

During the summers, your floors experience a lot of dust that gets into the house from the doors and windows. While in the winters, the melting ice can affect the floors and everything on it.

Whether it is the pollens that can make the fibers dirty or the crushed leaves that find their way to the carpet, you need to clean the carpets every six months. Do not forget that these seasons affect the health of the carpet and also your family members.

3. Give the space vacuum cleaning

It is not at all surprising that the vacuum cleaning the carpet removes the dirt and keeps it clean for a longer period of time.

If your carpet is located in the area with higher foot traffic, you must make vacuum cleaning your habit. It will also decrease the efforts of the professional carpet cleaners for sure. 

4. Clean the stains as soon as possible

You cannot prevent actions that happen in day to day life. For instance, spilling of juice in the carpet or stopping your dog to step on the rug.

In all these situations, it is advised to clean the stains on the rugs as soon as possible. It will prevent the damage done to the fibers.

 Also, check the material of the carpet first, before applying the cleaner. Not all types of materials can be cleaned with the same cleaning solution.

5. Use walk-off mats

Walk-off mats are not only cheap but also a reliable way to prevent dust along with moisture accumulation.

Keep it at the entrance of the house or closer to the carpets for maintaining the cleanliness of the carpet.

There are many types of mats that can be of great help. For instance, water-absorbent mats that can absorb the moisture of the shoes and coarse-textured mats to keep the dirt away. You can use them according to the need.

These tips will surely help in maintaining the cleanliness and hence, the quality of the carpets.

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