Types of hairs and Hair Straighteners – How to choose the Right One

August 23, 2019

Depending on your hair type, you will not choose the same straightener. Here are some tips for choosing your hair straightener according to the nature of your hair.

Choose your straightener according to your hair thickness

People with thick hair will need to use effective straightener to help control hair and fight frizz. The ceramic or tourmaline plates are thus particularly adapted to the thickest manes. The width of the plates will also be important, it will be necessary to opt for wide plates because otherwise, you will take time to straighten small wick by small wick! Finally, a high temperature is essential to tame thick hair (200-230 ° C on average). You can further accessorize your hair with accessories from KeepHairUp.com.

As for people with good hair growth , they should choose straighteners with a wide adjustable temperature range, not to burn the hair or scalp, and tourmaline or titanium plates, which will be less likely to hang on with little frizz.

Choose your straightener according to your hair length

For short hair, it is recommended to choose thin or even ultrafine plates, which will easily catch small wicks without the risk of burning skin. Similarly to smooth the fringes! Mid-length hair can be smoothed with a standard straightener. As for the long hair, it will be necessary to smooth them with long plates to facilitate and accelerate the work.

Choose your straightener according to its hair nature

People with curly, frizzy or curly hair will be able to opt for hair straighteners protecting the hair because their hair fiber is often more fragile. We will therefore favor ionic hair straighteners with tourmaline plates, even steam straighteners.

Which straightener for a Brazilian smoothing?

To obtain a smoothing Brazilian , whatever the nature of your hair at the beginning, you will have to opt for a iron which heats up high temperature, preferably 220-230 ° C, and with plates ceramic, tourmaline or titanium, for distribute the heat well and obtain an even smoothing.

How to choose the Right Hair Straightener

Which criteria to take into account?

It’s always important know what type of hairs you have. Once you sure about what exactly are you looking for based on your hair needs and requirements, the next you should do is to check the buyers trend of the market as well. This will allow you to know what exactly people are buying from the market. You will be easily choosing the best possible option. Check below the criteria to consider before embarking on the choice of a straightener:

  • The type of hair
  • The desired effect
  • The type of straightener
  • The characteristics of the straightener
  • The price

The type of hair

As we have explained, the hair straightener chosen will depend greatly on your hair type: nature, length, thickness…

The desired effect

If you want to make a Brazilian smoothing, a classic smoothing, or just eliminate frizz or soften your hair, you will have to choose a different type of straightener. It will mainly play on the temperature. Moreover, if you do not want to completely smooth your hair, it may be necessary to opt for another product, such as a smoothing brush.

The type of straightener

According to your needs and your expectations, you will have to choose between the different types of straighteners: with a particular technology, size, with or without wire, with vapor or classic … This choice will be obviously related to the two preceding criteria.

The characteristics of the straightener

Similarly, the straightener features are important: accessories, weight, cable length, voltage, temperature, and ergonomics … All these features that you will have to look into while questioning your need to be sure to make the right choice.

The price

Of course, it is tempting to decide directly for a professional straightener ion technology or steam … But it will be worth the price! You will have to find a compromise between quality and budget.

This hair straightener guide will allow you to see more clearly and not to make mistakes in the purchase of your device. As you can see, understanding your expectations and needs before any decision is essential. Use our selection of the best hair straighteners to be sure to make the right choice, that your hair will enjoy whatever your smoothing frequency!

Difference between a Straightener and a Smoothing Brush The smoothing brush, unlike the straightener, allows styling the hair at the same time as smoothing. Like the straightener, it heats up and its temperature can be adjusted. Its temperature is however lower, it will therefore less smooth your hair (and less lasting). This is why the smoothing brush is often used to soften the hair and make styling easier, rather than to completely smooth hair. Another major difference between the two: the smoothing brush can be used on wet hair, unlike the straightener (except those with Wet & Dry technology).

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