Fun Activities To Enjoy With Your Dog This Fall

October 22, 2019

Looking for exciting fall activities to share with your dog this season? This article rounds up the perfect dogtastic ideas to make great bonding moments with your beloved pooch!

One of the best things about changing seasons is knowing there is always something new you can do to pass the time. The cool days of fall and the beautiful colors that come with it all offer the perfect backdrop for precious moments indoors and outdoors.

From being the coolest duo in your neighborhood’s Halloween costume party to raiding a pumpkin patch, there is something that you and your pooch will surely enjoy.

Visit an Orchard or a Pumpkin Patch

The new season brings in new smells that a curious dog will surely take time investigating. The outdoors provide plenty of stimulation for your dog, so taking him or her to a pumpkin patch or an orchard can be great exercise.

You can even share your day’s harvest. Thankfully, pumpkins and apples are some of the healthiest fall fruits for dogs. Just remove the apple’s core and toxic seeds, as they can be choking hazards and generally harmful to your dog’s gut.

Pumpkin yards and apple yards often have rules for dogs, so be sure to check these before you head out. 

Go Trick-or-Treating

If you have kids, having a canine trick-or-treater may just be what they need to snag the candies (and hearts!) of the whole neighborhood.

Halloween is the best time to dress up your pup with something sinister, funny, or adorable. As long as they are cool with it, they could steal the show!

Just make sure you are equally ready for the gang as well. Stock up on yummy treats for the next paw that knocks on the door.

Go Camping

Take advantage of the season while it lasts. The dropping temperatures and the picture-perfect foliage provide breathtaking memories with nature. Your pooch can relish the change of environment, and you can both have fun exploring the site.

Just see to it that you are properly equipped. Because the temperatures outside already start to get a little cold, it pays to dress up right — mittens, jackets, and beanies galore. Make sure your dog has adequate protection as well.

If your dog’s not used to being out in the wild, use the leash. It is a safety net for preventing him or her from getting lost and for unexpected encounters with other animals.

Play in the Park

If buying new equipment, packing, and driving for miles all seem too arduous for you, why not just head out to the park? You and your pooch can still satisfy your need for bonding and exercise, all without the hassle of planning for days.

You can invite friends and family to enjoy the weather for a picnic with their own pets. This way, you will have time to catch up with your loved ones, and your pooch will have fellow furry companions to play under the afternoon sun.

Go Hiking

Fall is definitely the season of the year to enjoy the outdoors, not too hot for picnics and not too sweaty for a hike. This means the best fall afternoons offer the perfect opportunity for you to explore the trails. The physical stimulation is perfect for your pooch, even when they cannot enjoy the full range of fall colors that grace the trails this time of the year.

If you do not want to hit the trail on your own, there are group trail-hiking activities that many local shelters and rescue organizations offer.

Final Word

Fall is usually a busy season for most as people start to prepare for the holidays and many homeowners get their homes ready for the winter. That means it is the perfect time for you to plan a trip out of town or go on a vacation with your beloved pooch in tow.

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