The Impact Of Sleep Deprivation On Your Wellbeing

December 31, 2019

It is no secret that getting enough sleep is vital for health and wellbeing, although, far too many underestimate the true face of sleep deprivation. While regular quality sleep is able to provide us with improved mental functions, the impacts of sleep deprivation have been underlying issues in massive tragedies, including those that led to the Chernobyl nuclear disaster that claimed almost countless lives. 

If you are among the many who battle to get a good nights rest, you may want to consider adjusting your sleep environment to make sleep a realistic possibility. While certain recommended adjustments suggest that investing in a quality mattress may be enough to improve your general quality of rest, the proven health benefits associated with adjustable bed bases insinuates that Ghostbed’s adjustable base, which allows sleep in a zero-gravity position would benefit your quality of sleep and life. If you are somewhat undecided regarding the devastating impacts of sleep deprivation, you should consider the following proven side effects.

Decline In Mental Functions

Whether you are missing one night of quality rest or you have been suffering from ongoing insomnia for some time, the first and most notable side effect you will likely notice is a decline in mental functions. Therefore, you will feel forgetful, unable to focus, and unwilling to perform any tasks that require concentration. This is because the human brain requires sleep to function at its best. If you are suffering from insomnia, the long term effects on your mental functions may result in short-term memory loss as your brain is unable to store information during sleep cycles.

Mood Disorders

Prolonged periods of sleep deprivation have been associated with several mood disorders. This is because sleep loss directly affects mood. Therefore, individuals suffering from ongoing sleep loss will likely feel agitated and irritable for no apparent reason. Other disorders associated with ongoing sleep loss include depression and anxiety as the brain is unable to function at its full potential. Lengthy periods of sleeplessness have also been linked to hallucinations and inability to reason logically. Unfortunately, the more extreme the sleep loss is, the more severe the side effects will be.

Combating Sleeplessness

Rather than prolong your struggle to find peaceful sleep, you should focus on methods of allowing your body and mind to relax each night. While some methods suggest that meditation and yoga in the evenings will be able to induce sleep, others suggest that avoiding heavy meals and caffeine in the evenings will allow relaxation. Regardless of the methods of finding sleep you opt for, it is crucial to understand the importance of sleep for your sense of wellbeing as well as your daily confidence and positive mood. Even though it is best to avoid the use of commercial sleep medications, in the event that you have invested in a quality mattress and adjusted your sleep environment appropriately, it may be wise to consider herbal sleep remedies such as chamomile tea to ensure you are able to get a good night’s rest everynight.

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