Different Types Of Dental Crowns Explained

February 13, 2020

When you pay a visit to the dentist, there are different types of procedures that are used by the dentist for treatment depending on your mouth’s condition at any given time. Even though bonding, cavity filling, and teeth cleaning is common, these days, more involved procedures have become the norm. Besides just wisdom tooth extractions and root canals, dental crowns are very popular. Moreover, dental crowns are available in more than just one form. Before looking at the different types of dental crowns that are available, it is important to first understand what are dental crowns and when would you need a dental crown.

What Are Dental Crowns?

Dental Crowns are more common than ever before as they have become an easy procedure for dentists to perform. A dental crown is often referred to as a cap. It is a fixed prosthetic object which is cemented onto your tooth. Once it is in place, only a dentist would be able to remove it from its place. Its main purpose is to keep the damaged tooth covered and it also helps strengthen it as well as improve the tooth’s alignment in your mouth and its overall appearance. In order to get a dental crown made, an impression of your tooth or the teeth that it would cover is taken. Before the dentist can create this impression, the size of your tooth has to be reduced in order for the crown to fit perfectly. It is common for dentists to place a temporary crown until a permanent one has been made.

When Do You Need A Dental Crown?

A dental crown is needed in different circumstances as mentioned below:

  • To cover the treated tooth with a root canal
  • To cover the dental implant
  • To cover significantly discolored or misshaped teeth
  • To hold the dental bridge in its place
  • To support the tooth with a huge filling and to keep it covered
  • To restore broken teeth or teeth which have been worn down
  • To protect weak teeth from breaking or to keep them in place such as in the case of tooth decay 

Different Types of Crown Materials

There are various types of dental crowns. They are made using different types of crown materials. The four main types of crown materials are mentioned below:

1. Metal Dental Crowns

Dental crowns made of metal are common. The metals that are used for crowns include chromium, nickel, palladium, or gold. A great thing about metal crowns is the fact that they rarely break or even chip. Metal crowns last a long time and do not easily wear down. Moreover, only a bit of tooth needs to be removed when it comes to metal crowns. They are also able to withstand chewing and biting forces. However, the main drawback of metal crowns is that they have a metallic color. Keep in mind that metal crowns are perfect for out-of-sight molars. 

2. Porcelain Fused Metal Dental Crowns

Porcelain fused metal dental crowns are incredibly popular due to the fact that they can easily be matched to the color of your teeth. They tend to have a rather natural tooth color. But, it is possible for the metal underneath the porcelain cap of the crown to appear as a dark line. Moreover, it is possible for the porcelain portion to break or chip off. Furthermore, the porcelain fused metal crown can easily wear down the teeth near it. Thus, these crowns are a better option for back or front teeth.

3. All Resin

If you are looking for a much cheaper option when it comes to dental crowns, then, the all-resin dental crowns are your best option. But, they can easily wear down over time. As compared to porcelain fused metal crowns, all-resin crowns are more likely to chip off or break. 

4. All Porcelain or All Ceramic

To get the best natural color match, you need to opt for all porcelain or all ceramic dental crowns. They are the perfect choice for anyone with metal allergies. But, porcelain fused metal crowns are stronger than all porcelain or all ceramic dental crowns. For front teeth, all ceramic dental crowns are a better choice.

5. Pressed Ceramic Crowns

Pressed ceramic crowns are known for having hard inner core. The metal liner is replaced by an all-ceramic crown. These crowns are capped with porcelain. Thus, the best natural color match as compared to different types of dental crowns is provided. Moreover, pressed ceramic crowns are more long-lasting. 

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  1. Afton Jackson

    Thank you so much for discussing porcelain crowns and how they’re a great material option for people who are uncomfortable with metal. The fact that they’re also strong enough to resist chipping and cracking really makes me confident about getting some for my front teeth, especially since I am the kind of person who gets really squeamish about metal. Once I find a dental crown expert in the area, I’ll definitely have them get some porcelain crowns for me.


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