How To Choose Diabetic Socks

July 10, 2020

For general public, it is great to have a pair of suitable and comfortable socks, However, it is indispensable for diabetics. People with diabetes have sensitive feet and suffer from various foot conditions need to protect their feet more than others. So, they need to pay attention to their feet.

Then, how to choose a pair of suitable diabetic socks? We can choose from the following aspects:

  • Materials

The main material of general diabetic socks is made from cotton or bamboo fiber, people used to prefer cotton, but now bamboo fiber is the better choice. Bamboo made socks can wick away sweat and make your feet dry quickly. Besides its properties can provide a effectively way to keep the sweaty feet smell free. In addition, it has other features:

  • No more sweaty feetBamboo can take in up to 3 times its weight in water and its fabric can pull moisture away from skin.
  • Fight foot smell: Due to their high absorbency, they allow you to have healthy feet by helping in the fight of unwanted smell.
  • Renewable: Bamboo is totally organically grown. A grove of bamboo releases 35% more oxygen than equivalent stand of trees.
  • Without Allergy: People who cannot wear hemp or wool directly on their skin will experience no irritations from fabric made with bamboo.
  • Length

Diabetic socks are available in many styles and lengths. Usually diabetic ankle socks are suitable for diabetics with active lifestyles. Diabetic crew socks and knew are suitable for patients with poor blood circulation or people who are easily injured in ankles and knees.

  • Tightness 

Diabetics have less blood supply to their feet. It is best to choose socks with extra padding and greater thickness.

Features of Foot MD Diabetic Socks

Diabetic Socks
  1. +MD Diabetic Bamboo Socks are highly suited for diabetics facing circulation issues. The socks are made of 87% Bamboo.
  2. Smooth no-irritation toe.
  3. Cushion sole can aid in relieving pain, adding comfort, protection, and durability.
  4. Moisture wicking.


  • Up to 20%-off discount
  • Free shipping for orders over $30
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