Different types of Mobile Covers and their Pros and Cons

November 2, 2020

The days are long gone when mobile phones were treated as luxuries; nowadays, they are part and parcel of your daily lives. With a hefty amount of money spent on their purchase, a safety compromise is never an option on the cards. With that said, mobile covers are the first and foremost thing you search for after buying your phone. Bewakoof.com has a vast collection of mobile cases that can comply with your phone requirements concerning model, size and fit. Here is the list of different types of covers and their specifications on Bewakoof.com. You can go through them to get the best cover for your expensive smartphone.

Plastic Covers

Plastic covers are the most common type of covers available in the market. They are easy to find and extremely reliable phone covers and provide adequate protection and safety to your gadget. They snugly fit around the phone, stick to the body and yet have a smooth or glossy matte finish.


  • Extremely long-lasting
  • Pocket friendly
  • Available in several colours and prints


  • Very slippery
  • Get scratches easily
  • Breakable

Transparent Silicone Phone Covers:

If you want a cover that is lightweight and additionally does not affect the beauty of your mobile phone, then silicone, transparent phone cases, or gel covers are the correct choices for you. These covers are soft, flexible, and give adequate protection to your smartphone.


  • Soft to hold
  • Light in weight and do not make your phone very heavy.
  • Good in looks
  • Non-breakable


  • Do not provide adequate protection to the phone screen.
  • Can’t be used in hotter areas

Flip Covers:

It is the most popular phone cover for absolute protection and gives all-round safety to your phone. Additionally, it has an inbuilt protection layer in it. A flip cover is available in various budgets and is made up of leather. It has a front flap with a button or magnets, depending on the cost.


  • Long-lasting covers
  • Cheap
  • Available in various colors


  • Makes your phone look heavy
  • Hamper the natural look of a mobile

Hybrid Covers:

If you want to buy a robust phone case, then a hybrid mobile cover should be your ideal choice. It is best in providing safety against significant damages to your mobile. This cover has double layer protection and a resistant polycarbonate shell. It also has a rear stand or comes with a holder.


  • Best grip
  • Toughest of all covers available
  • Has shockproof properties
  • Great protection


  • Very heavy in weight
  • Covers almost the whole phone and decreases its natural look
  • Provides less protection to the screen

Metal Phone Covers:

These covers are made up of aluminum or some alloy. It offers complete safety to the body of the phone. It is heavy but safe against damages. The best part of this cover is that your phone does not get heated when you use a metal cover, as it disperses all the heat waves to the surroundings.


  • Best in looks
  • Safeguard your phone against heating issues
  • Available in various colors


  • Quite expensive
  • Heavy to carry
  • Not available for all mobile models

Rubber Phone Cases:

The rubber cover is the most common phone case online at Bewakoof. It is made up of rubber material and is resistant against scratches, but it loses its looks in a short time. This sort of cover is exceptionally pocket-friendly and available in several colors and designs.


  • Never gets scratches
  • Has an amazing grip


  • Fit loosen over time
  • Least screen protection
  • Looks low in quality

Fabric Covers:

These covers are tempting when we consider their design and looks. They look like a standard cover at first. But, they are amusing and most stylish covers and suit almost every human’s fashion preferences. Most expensive smartphone users choose fabric covers to add to the overall looks and design of their phones.


  • Best looks
  • Very light in weight
  • Comes in multiple colors
  • Has great grip


  • Very expensive
  • Not easily available
  • Do not provide complete safety

Fibre Phone Cases:

Carbon fiber mobile covers give an elegant and stylish look to your phone, unlike any other casual covers. It is strong to feel and hold, making it a top-rated heavy protection cover.


  • Powerful and high-end protection
  • Stunning look
  • Smooth in texture


  • Not readily available for all mobile phones
  • Extremely expensive

Wallet Covers:

We all want to carry a wallet with ourselves, which is multipurpose and can fit in everything. What do you think about a wallet Vivo y93 cover? Your phone as well as important stuff like cards, cash, etc. can organize in one place. It is a beneficial and simple type of phone case with pockets and is available in numerous materials such as leather, silicone, and many more.


  • They are multipurpose
  • Provide double protection
  • Cover your entire device


  • Don’t come in different sizes and for all phones.
  • Not long-lasting
  • Not easily accessible

So now you know the options available, you can choose the one according to your fashion preferences and smartphone’s needs.

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