The Benefits Of Becoming A Traveling Nurse

March 25, 2021

Travel nursing is a dream job for many. And if you are not quite sure if the job is for you, despite the fantastic benefits many nurses in the field receive, we are here to help provide you with some much-needed information. Here are some great reasons to become a travel nurse.

Great Pay

Excellent travel nurse pay and benefits are what initially draw most nurses to travel nursing. As a travel nurse, you often are paid a much higher travel nurse salary per hour than the salaries nurses on staff at the organizations in which you will work. You will likely be paid more partially due to the need to attract high-quality nurses from all over the country or world prepared for the demanding and rewarding nature of nursing.

In addition to your hourly pay, depending on the type of contract and the job location, you may also be eligible for bonuses, per diem rates, and housing stipends. The amount you can make can be staggering and can help ensure you are financially secure. Look for the right high paying travel nursing jobs to find what suits you the most.

Enhances Your Resume

Another aspect to consider about travel nursing is that it can greatly impact your resume and future employment ventures.

When employers look at your resume to fill a staffing vacancy, they think not only of the medical skills you bring to your profession as a nurse, but they also want a well-rounded candidate. Applying for another position after spending time as a travel nurse is sure to help boost you to the top of the list.

When you apply for a new job, employers will see the potential you bring as someone who has learned from a variety of experiences and has built the soft skills required to perhaps be promoted or given a higher level of pay. So, whether you are looking to take on a management position or are interested in shifting into a new medical specialty, your travel nursing experiences will serve you well when applying for your next position.

Amazing Travel Opportunities

No matter where you would like to work as a nurse, there are certainly plenty of options for you both within the U.S. and globally.

Initially, living abroad may seem a bit challenging, especially if it is your first time outside of the country. And while many expat traveling nurses need to get a car in a foreign nation or become much more comfortable with various modes of transportation, it can be worth the extra steps to live out your dreams.

Think about where you would like to spend the majority of your time. Are you interested in learning another language? Or perhaps you would like to develop your cultural consciousness. All you will then need to do is select a location that works best for you to begin your journey!

Gain Experience In A Different Area Of Nursing

Another amazing benefit of being a travel nurse is that you have access to assignments in several areas of medicine. If you have been considering working in a different department such as ICU or Labor and Delivery, working for a short period of time in one of these settings can help you fulfill that goal.

Thus, travel nursing essentially allows you to try out different departments to determine if you would like to specialize in that skillset long-term.

Greater Freedom

As a travel nurse, you can select the jobs that work best for you. You can work as much or as little as you would like.

If you are interested in working only two weeks out of the month, you can find an assignment that fits your schedule. Or, if you are looking for a longer assignment for several months in your favorite city, you are likely to find that too.

This is the perfect opportunity for someone who is looking for a great work-life balance while also using the skills they spent years working to gain.

Personal Growth

And lastly, one of the most exciting aspects of travel nursing is the personal growth that you experience from all of your wonderful opportunities.

You will gain unique insight not only into your career and medicine but also from the world around you. Through working with people across the country and world and in multiple departments, you will learn the hard and soft skills needed to thrive in today’s cutting-edge medical care setting.

Remember to take the skills that you learn and help to incorporate them into best practices to share with your fellow nurses. Sharing knowledge with others helps to foster an environment in which both patients and practitioners flourish.

Now that you know all of the exciting benefits of travel nursing, you can get started on your own adventure! Have fun along the way and use your skills to continue on your path to being the best nurse possible.

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