Michael Osland Advises About The Need For Proper Foot Care For Better Overall Health

June 17, 2021

Maintaining mobility and movement are essential to ensure overall good health, but we often overlook this aspect until we face some problems. While it is vital to ensure that you can undertake all kinds of body movement, the most crucial aspect to focus upon is your ability to stand, walk and run. Pay utmost attention to keep your feet in good working condition so that you can move around freely and enjoy your life.

According to Michael Osland, most of us are unaware that, on average, a healthy man walks 100,000 kilometers during the lifetime, which underlines the amount of importance that we should give to our feet to keep them healthy.  Already healthcare professionals are making people aware of the importance of proper foot care, and you must include it in your daily fitness routine.

Failing to take proper care of your feet can cause soreness and pain.If you leave it untreated can severely affect mobility and even leave people tied to their beds. Preventing such a situation through proper foot care is not at all difficult with lifebalance.ae. You must not neglect the health of your feet that helps you stand on your feet and move around.  To retain your freedom of movement, instead of taking your feet for granted, look after them well just as you would do for your whole body to maintain fitness. Do not allow your foot health to affect your overall health and wellbeing.

The physical illness affects mental health, confirms Michael Osland

If there is any foot infection or you injure your foot, it can cause soreness and pain.It restricts the regular movements that leave you feeling helpless as you need assistance from others to help you stand on your feet. The sudden inability to move around and staying confined within the home can make you feel depressed and frustrated. The psychological impact of foot disease can be quite severe. People may be unable to come to terms with the lost freedom that prevents them from leading a normal life and discharge their responsibilities. The pain of losing their livelihood or inability to play their usual role in parenting can leave people depressed and dejected, which only increases mental anxiety and stress.

Do not neglect foot problems

Although, foot problems are pretty standard, do not neglect them because leaving them unattended can only complicate matters. According to the results from a study, ankle and foot pain constitute a third of physicians’ consultations. Foot problems related to osteoarthritis and disorders like tendonitis can cause the loss of millions of working days.

Need for awareness and education about foot care

Learning about proper foot care should be a part of any health and fitness program as it helps to educate people about its importance and how it can affect overall health. Poor foot health can be pretty bad for people with co-morbidities.It can have serious consequences that can result in the amputation of a leg, as it happened for a lady who neglected wet corn that later caused severe infection.

People with some existing medical conditions like diabetes should be cautious about their foot health.

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