ExoGun Percussive Massage Gun: Do You Need One?

September 15, 2021

If you have an active lifestyle, are a parent, or a fitness enthusiast, you may experience frequent muscle pain. Sure, soothing massage therapy sounds great, but it is often too expensive or does not fit into our busy schedules. However, there is a way around this.

Percussive massage guns can serve as a great replacement for massage therapy. In today’s article, we will cover what percussive massage is and review one of the best tools available: ExoGun Dream Pro.

Percussive Therapy 101

Most people are familiar with Swedish, aromatherapy, Thai, or hot stone massage treatments. But what exactly is percussive therapy, and how does it work?

Percussive massage therapy is a special treatment focused on soft tissue pain relief. Unlike traditional massage styles, percussive massage is done with the help of a handheld electric device known as a massage gun or percussive massage gun. These devices resemble real guns, but once they start working, they are more like drilling machines. They provide concentrated, fast, and short-duration pulses back and forth to the affected area of the body. Such movements have proven to boost blood circulation, which loosens and stretches the muscles, helps remove knots, and improves overall performance and responsiveness.

Here is an overview of percussive massage benefits:

  • Speeds up tissue growth and repair
  • Increases blood circulation
  • Enhances range of motion
  • Relieves muscle stress, especially in the back and shoulders
  • Relaxes thickened connective issue
  • Breaks down adhesions
  • Elongates muscle fiber in spasms or stiffness
  • Relieves stiff joints

How Can You Benefit From A Percussive Massage?

Percussive massage has a wide range of uses and positive effects, but how can you know if you could benefit from it? For starters, see if you have been experiencing any of the following:

  • Common injuries and conditions such as muscle soreness, shin splints, muscle cramps and spasms, bursitis, TMJ syndrome, tendonitis, or herniated discs.
  • Post-surgery recovery. Percussive massage guns can help speed up the rehabilitation process of injured muscles after surgery or trauma. The muscles get strengthened by the contractions and can replace physical therapy in some cases.
  • Sports training. If you are a fitness or sports enthusiast, you can treat your muscles with percussive massages to enhance muscle strength and improve muscle recovery. These treatments also improve muscle tone and balance and relieve muscular tightness.

These are some of the most common reasons people go for percussive massage guns such as ExoGun. However, thanks to its high versatility, you can indulge in occasional massage treatments if you have a moderately active lifestyle and think your muscles could use some rejuvenating from time to time.

Now that you understand what percussive massage is and how it can benefit you, let us have a closer look at how ExoGun can help you get there.

ExoGun Overview

ExoGun is a percussion massage gun primarily built for deep-tissue treatments. This massage type has proven to be especially effective at easing chronic muscle pain, speeding up injury rehabilitation, improving postural and limited mobility problems, and helping sports-related muscle recovery. Even though it primarily markets as a recovery tool for professional athletes, ExoGun Dream Pro can be used for other deep-tissue massage purposes just as effectively.

With more than 1,000 NFL players and Olympians who currently use it for muscle-pain treatment, there is no doubt that ExoGun is one of the best massage guns on the market. Here is what sets it apart from the competitors:

Intense Power

ExoGun is one of the most powerful massage guns’ money can buy. Its stall force is 60lbs, which is 27lbs more power than other guns in the same price range. Plus, chances are you will never need to use it at its full power, as the 60lbs mode is mainly reserved for professional athletes.

Note: Do not apply the gun to the same area for longer than a minute, regardless of the speed. Overusing it can cause bruising. Also, to avoid injury, it is best to start with a slower pace and gradually increase.

Highly Adjustable

This robust device has a wide range of adjustment features, so it is equally suitable for Olympians and those with a more sedentary lifestyle. There are six speed settings and four head attachments. The speed can be adjusted from 1,200 percussions per minute up to 3,200. You can play with speeds until you find the one that works best for you.

The four head attachments are there to make sure each body area gets proper treatment:

  • Ball head. This is the most commonly used attachment designed for larger to medium muscle groups. It is the best option if you experience delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) after a workout.
  • Bullet head. The bullet head is a special attachment for deep-tissue massage treatments. It is the best choice if your main goal is to break muscle knots, improve circulation, and ease muscle tension. You can use it for leg and back muscles, but stay away from the vertebrae.
  • Flat head. This attachment is best for beginners, and it can also be used for non-fleshy body areas.
  • Fork head. The fork head comes with two smaller heads, so it offers better coverage, and it works great on large muscle groups. You can also use it for spinal muscles, but be careful when going around the vertebrae.

Compact and Portable

ExoGun Dream Pro is highly portable. It comes with a carrying box, but you can easily fit it into your backpack. Its sturdy design and long battery life make it suitable for traveling as well. The 2,400mAh battery can easily last for weeks, so there is no need to bring the charger along wherever you go.

What Is In The Box?

  • One ExoGun Dream Pro Massager
  • One charging cable
  • Four attachments
  • Carrying case

As you can see, there is no manual guide included. This may come as a drawback to those who have never used massage guns before. Fortunately, it is easy to get started — you just have to attach the head to the gun and apply it to the desired body area.

Muscle Rejuvenating Treatment With ExoGun

Massage guns can work miracles on muscle pain. Thanks to the percussive movements, ExoGun allows for a deep-tissue massage that is great at relieving tension, boosting blood circulation, enhancing range of motion, and more. Plus, it is one of the most affordable tools of its kind currently on the market.

If you would like to learn more about ExoGun Dream Pro, you can visit the official website: exogun.com.

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