Beach Days and Boat Trips – What Else To Do On a Grand Tour of Italy

September 18, 2021
Tour of Italy

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Tours of Italy are all the rage these days, with tourists flocking to the country’s beautiful beaches and famous sites like Florence’s Duomo or Venice’s canals. Of course, most people don’t have time to see everything on their bucket list in just one trip, so they need to pick and choose what they do when they get there.

Going on a grand tour Italy, from Venice to Rome and back, you know you’re going to get the chance to experience the rich history of this magnificent country.

People mostly like beach days and boat trips, but are there some other things to explore? Yes, there’s much more to it than meets the eye. Keep reading to find out.

What Is the Great Grand Italy Tour All About?

A great tour of Italy is a trip designed for those who want to see as much as they can in the alloted time, but with the friendly guidance of a local who knows their way around. This tour is filled with incredible sights to see and things to do over days, which depends upon the tour package.

Step Back In Time

Traveling to Europe’s early towns is like walking through history. The sense of place, tradition, and permanence are especially strong in Italy, where many areas have survived intact for centuries.

Soak it up on your travels throughout Tuscany, Piedmont, Liguria, Lombardy, Sicily, or Lazio and from Venice to Portofino, Verona, or Siena. All these places will let you connect with layers upon layers of Italian heritage.

Get Inspired By Italy’s Art and Architecture

With incredible art museums like Rome’s Galleria Borghese, Florence’s Uffizi Gallery, Siena’s Pinacoteca Nazionale, Venice’s Palazzo Ducale, and others throughout Italy, you’ll be immersed in Italian artistry. You can even venture into Sicily to see mosaics dating back to ancient Roman times.

The first stop on your grand tour of Italy should be Florence, Tuscany’s capital. Here you’ll find Renaissance masterpieces such as Michelangelo’s David and Giotto’s frescoes in Santa Croce Cathedral. And if you’re lucky, you might also stumble upon Leonardo da Vinci’s remains during your visit to The Last Supper.

Try Some of Their Traditional Food

Be sure to try some of Italy’s traditional food while you’re on your tour, especially if you can get it from an authentic Italian restaurant or café. Chances are you’ll enjoy it. Plus, it’s another great way to immerse yourself in Italian culture and add pounds around your waist, pun intended.

The more adventurous tourists will want to sample local delicacies, from whole fish cooked over an open flame in Greece to sweet skewers of grilled meat in Turkey.

Beach Days and Boat Trips

The great thing about the grand tour of Italy is that you’re never too far from one beautiful beach or another. But there’s more to do than spend your days soaking up some rays. Visiting several beaches in several cities is a great experience and helps ensure you don’t get too bored. There are many options to spend your time away from the sand:

  • Tours around tiny islands
  • Yacht trips to neighboring countries
  • Local nightlife and more

In The End

The grand tours can give you unique, once-in-lifetime opportunities to experience new cultures. If you’re ready to take your first trip out of the country, Italy is the right destination.  

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