How To Turn Your Move Into A Fun Road Trip

August 28, 2023
Fun Road Trip


Are you planning to move out of a city like St. Charles? Being a part of Missouri, St. Charles is becoming a new favorite for its scenic beauty, amenities, and rising real estate market, but perhaps you’re looking to live in a larger and busier place to meet new people and make new professional connections. 

So, while moving out of St. Charles sounds like a nice idea, there remains an unaddressed issue of shifting your items from your current residence to your new residence. Considering the difficulties associated with moving, many people feel overwhelmed with the traveling distance and the worry of setting things by themselves. 

However, it doesn’t necessarily have to be difficult. Taking a few steps can turn the moving experience into a fun, memorable road trip. 

So, how to turn your move into a fun road trip? Let’s find out! 

1. Choosing The Right Moving Company: 

The easiest way to turn your move into a fun road trip is to hire a reputable moving company. Not only does it ensure careful handling and transportation of your items, but it gives you the peace of mind that you don’t have to keep thinking about the safety of your belongings. 

Let’s say you’re moving out of St. Charles because of its decreasing employability (-2.4% from 2020 to 2021, according to the US Census Bureau). In that case,  you should choose a local moving company in St. Charles. Since the local companies are well-versed with the city routes, they can prove significantly helpful in helping you set up your new home. 

A local company is also likely to pull ahead of the schedule and start setting up the house before your arrival. It helps remove the worry of setting up your new home after arriving exhausted from a long drive to your new residence! 

2. Make Sure Your Car Is Good to Go! 

There couldn’t be a worse possible time for your car to break when traveling to an entirely different city with your stuff. To remedy this unsettling thought, ensure to have your car inspected before making the trip. 

Having your car inspected is a sure way of attaining peace of mind and ensuring a solid journey to your new home. 

While it’s preferred to get your car inspected by a trusted mechanic, you can do it, too, if you don’t mind getting some grease under your nails (but that’s what gloves are for). Following a car maintenance checklist will help you run maintenance and keep your car in good shape. 

3. Planning Your Route 

Planning your route is a crucial step to making the journey to your new home enjoyable. Start by calculating the distance you will have to drive to reach your new home. Ensure to pre-plan the stops you’re going to be making along the route. 

Paying attention to other factors, including road construction, rush hours, or any unforeseen delays. Also, ensure to carry extra essentials, including a spare wheel, a tire inflator, and a jerry can. 

When planning your route, try avoiding difficult routes, such as the ones that go through difficult terrains. Depending on the luggage and people in the car, your car might struggle to pull through these terrains. Additionally, the most difficult routes also pit you away from service stations and other amenities. 

If any unforeseen delay occurs, it might be considerably difficult to ask for help! Consider the following tips to plan your route effectively: 

  • Contacting Your Moving Company 

Moving companies often hire drivers well-versed with routes across the country. Consult with your moving driver to get insights on the routes they will follow and attain a straight roadmap to your new home. 

  • Driving Apps 

Considering how much technology has improved, it’s time to use it to your benefit! Installing some trustworthy navigation apps will help you gain directions between the two-way points. These GPS apps will also help you see alternative routes, giving you a way to deal with unforeseen circumstances. 

  • Physical Map 

When taking a long trip, it’s always best to plan for contingencies. While fully charging your phone should be a must before making the trip, ensure to bring a physical map in case your phone battery runs out of charge. 

4. Spice Up Your Trip by Planning Fun Activities!

While it might be hard to contain your excitement about moving into your new home, long drives tend to become boring. After all, you can only stare out the windows or focus on the music for so long. 

To make the trip fun, spice up things by making entertaining activities a part of your trip! Here are some suggestions to add the needed entertainment to your trips: 

  • Set up a road trip playlist and sing along 
  • Audio books and podcasts 
  • Reading an interesting book
  • Download some fun content for the kids to watch and give them headphones and tablets! 
  • Coloring Books or a clipboard app for the kids 
  • Play engaging road trip games 

5. Pack Snacks for the Trip

The secret to turning a long trip fun is to pack trip-worthy snacks. Although snacks won’t compensate for a meal, they will stop everyone from getting hungry before making the next stop. 

If you’re wondering what snacks to fetch, chips, sandwiches, and a cooler stacked with juice and bottled water should get the job done. If you have kids on board, it’s best to diversify the range and include snacks like granola bars, cheese crackers, and dry cereals. 

6. Pay Attention to the Weather Conditions

Before setting out on your journey, ensure to carefully analyze the weather conditions. Traveling with difficult weather conditions makes the journey difficult for the driver and also puts everyone’s safety at risk. 

Try to leave on a sunny day with clear skies. Clear skies dampen the probability of colliding with unforeseen circumstances, allowing you to keep the trip as fun as possible. 

However, weather conditions can instantly change and cause difficulties in traveling. So, every time you make a planned stop for rest or fuel, ensure to check a reliable weather app or site. 

If you see bad weather in the forecasts before leaving the stop, it’s best to extend your stay and wait out the bad weather. 

Final Words 

Considering the responsibilities aligned with it, many people see moving as a difficult process. This thought is further fortified if you have to move to a different city entirely. 

However, moving doesn’t necessarily have to be overwhelming! The tips mentioned in this guide are a sure way of turning your trips into a fun endeavor. While these tips can help make your trip fun, don’t forget to keep all safety tips in mind! 

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