5 Beauty Treatments That Are Worth Visiting The Salon For

September 4, 2023
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In today’s age of DIY beauty tutorials and advice, it can be tempting to try tackling every beauty treatment yourself at home. However, there are still several salon services that are worth splurging on for premium results and a little pampering. While DIY manicures or face masks can save money, they simply cannot replicate the experience and expertise you’ll find at a professional salon. Certain treatments require a stylist’s skilled hands, specialized tools, and high-quality products to achieve truly transformative results. If you want to look and feel your absolute best, here are five beauty treatments that are worth booking an appointment for rather than attempting on your own.

Hair Coloring Services

Attempting bold hair color transformations or intricate styling yourself often leads to disappointment, while skilled stylists consistently nail the look. Their mastery of meticulous foiling techniques like balayage, ombré, and somber creates stunning dimensional color you’d struggle to achieve on your own. They also expertly shape and style the perfect cut to complement your face using shears, razors, and advanced thermal tools the average person lacks. The customizable experience, from in-depth consultations to head massages during washes, makes professional cuts and coloring a relaxing salon highlight.


Pampering yourself with a professional facial simply can’t be duplicated at home. Estheticians have specialized equipment like microdermabrasion tools, ultrasonic skin scrubbers, LED light therapy devices, and more. They use cosmeceutical-grade products packed with potent ingredients your typical drugstore finds lacking. Their trained hands perform techniques like extractions flawlessly. Customized facials address your exact skin concerns whether acne, aging, dullness, or sensitivity. Regular salon skin treatments cleanse, exfoliate, and nourish skin better than any DIY routine to reveal remarkably glowing, healthy skin.

Eyelash Extensions

For length, fullness, and curves far beyond your natural lashes’ potential, eyelash extensions offer dramatic yet natural-looking enhancement. Salon technicians carefully apply silk or mink extensions one by one to each individual lash. Unlike clumsy false lashes you stick on yourself, extensions blend seamlessly with natural lashes and feel weightless. No need for mascara either. Extensions uplift eyes and enhance facial features beautifully. However improper application risks damage, so it’s safest to have them applied by a trained professional.

Body Sugaring

Frustrated with painful ingrown hairs and irritation from shaving and waxing body hair yourself? Body sugaring performed by professionals could be the solution. This natural hair removal method uses a sugar paste that doesn’t stick to live skin. Estheticians apply it against the hair growth direction and remove it in the natural direction. It uproots hairs gently for less trauma to hair follicles and skin than shaving and waxing. The lower likelihood of ingrown hairs makes it ideal for sensitive areas. Leave sugaring services to the experts for smooth skin and way fewer bumps and rashes than DIY hair removal.

Spray Tanning

DIY self-tanning lotions often end in streaky “Oompa Loompa” orange tones no matter how carefully they’re applied. But airbrush spray tanning performed by experts provides flawless results. It mists an ultra-fine mist of solution evenly across all skin surfaces for reliably consistent color. Technicians customize the shade to complement your skin tone and avoid an unnatural metallic hue. The spray nozzle reaches awkward spots you’d likely miss or unevenly coat. With professional spray tans, you’ll get the perfect sun-kissed color without damaging UV ray exposure.

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