Europe: Day 3 (Part 3)

October 5, 2010

Since the moment I began exploring the world I have always struggled with whether or not, once I found a special place, to either keep returning to it or to keep moving on?  I know I am not alone and that this is a common traveler’s dilemma.  During my trip to Brasil several months prior to this European trip, I found myself dealing with this exact struggle.  I was in the country for the second time in less than five months and I was feeling guilty that I had returned this quickly, but at the same time elated to be back.  One day while floating in the gorgeous Brasilian water, I decided to stop worrying and to just follow my heart and never look back.  So what if I have been to Buenos Aires eight times, but never Boston?  I know I will get to Massachusetts one day and in the meantime I have had eight unforgettable trips to Argentina!

Thus, when I asked my brother where he wanted to go for our last night in Barcelona and he suggested we return to Puerto Olimpico I said of course!  There was so much more of Barcelona that we had yet to experience, however we had had such a wonderful time in that area the previous night, why not go somewhere we were guaranteed to enjoy?

We did choose a different restaurant and instead of tapas we opted for paella, although there was sangria drinking again.

After dinner we decided to go to a nearby club.  As much as my brother and I love Latin culture and as much as we study Spanish, we will always be gringos and soon as we walked into the club, the female dancer zeroed in on my brother, grabbed him by his hand, and pulled him up onto the stage.  Now, my brother is not a shy person by any means, but I was shocked to see him dance on stage in front of hundreds of people without any inhibitions.  Must have been the two pitchers of sangria we consumed?  Once the shock wore off, I started taking pictures.  I had a feeling that he would want his bravery documented.

Then I realized, that while pictures are worth a thousand words, videos are worth a thousand and one.

The next thing I knew, another woman jumps on the stage, which resulted in more photos and videos.

And in order to end the night in a grand fashion, I decided to join in on the fun.  I think the brunette was a little sad to see my brother go though.

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Andi Perullo de Ledesma

I am Andi Perullo de Ledesma, a Chinese Medicine Doctor and Travel Photojournalist in Charlotte, NC. I am also wife to Lucas and mother to Joaquín. Follow us as we explore life and the world one beautiful adventure at a time.

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41 thoughts on “Europe: Day 3 (Part 3)

  1. Mary

    Hilarious! Like you, when it comes to travel, I know what I like…

    Don’t ever feel weird about finding a special place and returning to it. I flew to Japan 3 times in 2 years myself…

  2. Craig Makepeace

    awesome…I know what I like and where to go back to. Whatever makes you happy right! And rock on the bro…

  3. Abby

    One of my favorite people in one of my favorite cities! Last time I counted, I’d been to Barcelona 11 times. I LOVE it there!! And, um, your brother is awesome. HILARIOUS!!!!

  4. Charu

    What a really awesome way to spend the evening and your kid brother looks like he really knows what he’s doing! (j/k). Your pictures are incredible…so glad you had a great time.


  5. Lisa E

    I hear you re: returning to a place or not. I’ve done it only a handful of times and the place was Oaxaca, Mexico. I actually went back two years in a row.

    I’m tempted to do the same with Syria, which I traveled to this summer. If so, I’ll make sure I got to mostly the places I missed last time with a return to Damascus, which I loved.

  6. Jeremy B

    Man, I came back to this again and I can’t believe the photos. You seriously got some good stuff on your bro. And now you know women don’t wear clothes in Barcelona at the clubs! Geez!

  7. Annie

    haha what a fun night! Nice pics, how did your bro feel about that?

    Love what you said about following your dreams and going where your heart tells you because I have been dealing with this. I keep thinking about how much I want to go back to Sydney and live but I feel like I should see some other things but really I know if I try to do that I’ll just be thinking of Sydney!

    Way to go!

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