Do Not Let That Cyst Trouble You

December 24, 2017

An eye cyst or chalazion is a swelling or lump occurring in the upper or lower eyelid. This is usually caused by an inflammation of the gland in the area. It can be soft and filled with fluid or can be firm. These cysts can become infected, resulting in redness and swelling.

The glands that get inflamed are known as meibomian glands. Around 30 or 40 of these glands exist in each eyelid and their main function is to release sebum into the eye to keep the eye lubricated. An eye cyst occurs when the narrow opening of the gland into the eye gets blocked. A blockage results in the backing up of the sebum into the glands and lid, causing a swelling or lump. Though unsightly, the cyst is painless.

When an eye cyst occurs, your doctor’s first line of treatment will be to direct you to apply a warm compress to the cyst several times a day. The warmth from the compress allows for increased blood circulation and the drainage of the cyst. Your doctor might even prescribe antibiotic eye drops be applied after the compress. This is to fight any infection of the cyst.

However, if the eye cyst continues to persist, then it may have to be removed surgically. This is usually an outpatient procedure, which means that you will not have to be admitted to the hospital and you can return home soon after the procedure. Your surgeon will do this procedure under local anaesthesia. A small incision is made on the inside of the eyelid and the entire inflamed cyst is removed. The entire operation should not take more than 20 minutes. Since there are many other glands in the eyelid, the removal will not result in any change of the functioning of your eye. Thanks to the world wide web, you can find some of the best surgeons to treat your eyes and cure the condition, now you can find some of the best eye cyst removal and repair surgeons in Mumbai.

Be sure to bring someone along with you for the procedure as you will not be able to drive after the procedure. You might be asked to wear an eye patch, so as to not disturb the eye and to let it heal. You will also be asked to administer antibiotic eye drops or cream to avoid any infections. The procedure might result in pain and swelling but this can be soothed with an ice pack. You must consult with your doctor about when you can swim after the procedure.

Some people can suffer from chronic chalazion. You must consult your doctor if you are suffering from it and s/he will then put you on drugs that will alter the metabolism of the glands, as getting multiple surgeries for this issue is not medically viable.

You can use platforms like PSTakeCare to find the list of eye cyst removal and repair surgeons in the country and also find reviews and comparisons on the same platforms. You can also do a hospital search for eye cyst removal and repair surgery in Mumbai. The platform can also help you make appointments with the surgeon or hospital you are most comfortable with. The platform also allows you to get second opinions from a panel of experts in the field.

Remember to follow your surgeon’s instructions for the aftercare of your eye. If you notice any redness or swelling that does not go away within a day or two, then please get medical assistance immediately. Make sure to go for your appointment for the follow-up.

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