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January 9, 2019

Scheduling interviews are the most challenging and of course ain’t nobody’s favorite task to do. With the pestering phone calls and lengthy email threads to respond, it is quite impossible for you to hold a job interview with peace and convenience. How often are you getting hassled out with scheduling interviews? When it comes to a one on one interview itself, makes it unmanageable for the interviewers, imagine how messed up it is going to be when you have to plan cascade of interviews at different time intervals that have to work out for everyone?

When you have to accustom your entire time only on scheduling and hiring the candidates for jobs by conducting interviews you ought to circumspect every situation that shows up on your table. Well, we can make it easy for you. Do not believe us? Check out! Also, do not take the trouble of getting tangled when it comes to the final call for your interviews. It is going to get better than you ever imagined once you start using pick time interview scheduling legal practice management software.

Picktime is a free web-based interview scheduling software that is within reach of each and everybody who makes use of the internet. All you have to do is sign up for free without any installation process. Just use the link and create your own website on our SME friendly software for attracting more candidates to take up an interview with ease. We made it completely user-friendly right from day one, sync with your favorite calendar (outlook/google) to display your availability. Spend more time in interviewing the candidates rather than stressing out with the scheduling work.

Perks of using PICKTIME for interview scheduling

1. Interview Scheduling-

Take the pain out by empowering your candidates to effortlessly book with you by using picktime. Show only those slots that you can take up interviews by customizing your calendar. Let us make it easy for you and your candidates to catch up for an interview while you can spend more quality time with other administrative works or spend personal time.

2. Rescheduling-

You do not have to take the trouble in rescheduling/canceling certain interview in the last minute. You can always do it by picktime within a fraction of minutes. Whether it is a no-show case or a run late case fix it with picktime.

3. 24/7 Email Support and Reminders-

You and your candidates will get automatic reminders about the upcoming interview that can help you in spending the right time with the candidate and provides you with peace of mind. Wave goodbye to all the extra effort you take for reminding your candidates about the interviews by forwarding them emails and SMS notifications to each one of them.

4. One Click Book Now Button-

Let a number of candidates know that you are going to hire soon. Integrate using picktime, with your business page or social networking sites such as Facebook by adding a book now widget. Turn your visitors to clients with one click away. Another exclusive feature is that you can create your own website on our platform with a custom URL. Absolutely free.

5. Separate Staff Logins-

When your interview is not just one on one, you have to organize a lot of things including your staff that will carry on the following processes. Provide your staff with individual logins while using picktime and keep the interview process confidential. You will never have to worry about messing up with different locations or time intervals while you assign work to your staff. Keep it simple using picktime.

Though interviews play a vital role in companies economic growth, they are quite intricate and tiring. Put your hands on the online interview scheduling tool- Picktime for beating out the stress. Sign up for free and unwrap all the golden features, NOW.

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