What are the benefits of Warm stone massage?

August 8, 2019

When I was wondering  about “Warm Stone” massage, so I did some research and testing to get some know how about this type of massage. I achieve a lot of information and knowledge about warm stone massage.

So, here the question arises in one’s mind that

What is actually the hot stone massage?

The answer is very simple, warm stone massage is the process of combining hot stone protocols with a whole body massage that gives a relief to the human body. It indeed provides a healing and effective experience.

The hot stones massage is a wonderful technique for providing comfort to the human body. As it enhances the flow rate of the blood in the human body so in this way it causes a great comfort in the whole body by providing a great relaxation to the joints and muscles .

The “Hot Stones”also expand blood a vessel due to which rate of flow of blood in the entire human body is enhanced.

This technique is used in many countries and it is proceeding in a positive way in field of medical science. Hot Stone massage produces a sedative effect to relieve the chronic pain of the human body. Not only has this but it also reduced stress, which is the major cause of depression in humans. Due to stress, humans suffer both mental and physical sickness, which is not good at all. Stress is becoming ascending in the western countries due to which this massage technique is applied in a big number in these countries. This massage has many advantages which are described below:

  • Provides  Relief:

This therapy lessens tension by enhancing the blood flow in the body .It reduces the muscle stiffness which in turns has a distinguishable effect on the body. Its application to the human body proves to give a healthy response. This enhances the movement of the human body by reducing the stiffness in the body’s joints and muscles.

It increases the circulation of the blood so then makes a comfort in the human body. It also increases the metabolism of the body. Hot stone massage promotes deep muscle relaxation by the placements of stones at the key points of the human body.

Each ½ hour therapy sessions enhances the benefits by producing the long term relaxation to the muscles. The professional massage therapist St Thomas use their best techniques on patients to promote admirable outcome.

It provides comfort to pains like arthritis, fibromyalgia, carpal tunnel syndrome and other chronic conditions.

  • Reduction of pain and muscle cramps:

The premises behind hot stone massage therapy is the direct transfer of heat to the body so then relaxes the muscles by allowing the therapists to the deeper muscle layers. Some massage therapists holds the stones in their hands and uses them to massage with. Hot stone massage allows the therapists to get deeper into the muscles without much pressure, which in turns help the clients to relax. The hot stone massage technique involves the procedure of placing stones on different parts of human body. Like;

  • The Hands
  • The Feet
  • The Back
  • The Shoulders
  • The Face
  • The Stomach

So, by placing hot stones on the above mentioned points of the human body, the stress, the chronic pains etc get much betterment due to conduction of heat into the human body, as it is the best conductor of heat indeed.  Contact atouchofwellnessvi.com to get best massage in ST Thomas.

  • Decrease in stress and chronic pains:

Hot stone massage which sometimes called as warm massage also, is a very effective technique to manage the pain and stiffness of the body. It provides a much better sleep and prolongs the duration of the sleep for humans, which is an excellent outcome of this type of massage.

Relieves muscles spasms, pain and tension thus provide relaxation to the severe body pain.

By this massage the movements of energy known as “qi”  and “chi” is stimulated, so then pain is reduced and the patient feels much relaxed.

In this way, effects of stress are eliminated and healing is facilitated. Therefore,  the stress and anxiety is significantly reduced .

  • Improves circulation of  blood and flow of energy:

Hot stones help in increasing the metabolism rate and it causes release of toxins and relieves pain in human body due to heating properties of hot stones.

Moreover, the therapists give slow and gentle strokes in the way that people feel grounded, comfortable and calm.

  • Decreases  cancer symptoms:

Hot stone massage has a tremendous effect in the field of medical, as it reduces the chances of cancer. Because its heating impact reduces the cancer promoting cells in the human body.


Warm stone massage has admirable effects on the human’s body. It develops the physical as well as mental growth of the body.

It helps in relieving the symptoms of auto immune diseases. It has becoming popular day by day as time passes. It helps to create a sense of comfort and warmth. It also releases toxin and improves skin appearance.

It has been used by Native Americans to give relief to aching muscles. Hence; it is not wrong to say that it is a beautiful technique to bring comforts and ease to the human’s body by both aspects mentally and physically.

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