Valentine’s Day 2020: Top 10 Valentine Gifts For Husband Online

February 12, 2020

It is often that we find that husbands can be great at pampering their wives, but splurging on themselves does not even occur to them. But that is okay, because you can do the splurging for their sake!

With Valentine’s Day just about here, we thought we would point you in the right direction. A smart purchase — or ten — and you can get them a great gift. Not only will they love it, but come February 15, you will find it unpacked and in use.

Depending on which item — or a couple of them — you choose, you could find your gift in his closet, work bag, or even his nightstand. Here are ten great ideas that will make amazing gifts on Valentine’s Day for your better half:

  • Japanese A5 Wagyu Steak

This year do not opt for a box of chocolates. Or, better yet, do get those sweets, but let the steak be the main gift. We all know a Wagyu steak is the best of the best. The gorgeous marbling will win your handsome partner’s heart. In fact, as soon as he lays eyes on it, your hubby will insist on cooking it for you both on a skillet.

The steak is such a gastronomical marvel that you will not have to do much to make it shine anyway. Pair it with a suitable wine and enjoy the heck outta the dinner that you’ll always remember.

  • Wallet

Does your husband keep losing his wallet? Then by gifting him one, you will make sure they will take more care of it. Preferably, choose a piece that is slim and made of premium quality leather.

But also look for ones that have a Bluetooth tracker in them. Finding such wallets is easier since you can connect them to an app on his phone. They will love you for selecting something that is doubly useful and not so easy to misplace.

  • A fill-in-the-Blank Book

You may easily find this online. Usually, this gift has spaces where you can tuck private notes to the #1 man in your life. Put some thought in them while penning them down.

Try for a sentimental tone in some, but do not forget to let in shades of friskiness and humor, as well. If you choose a small size, your husband can carry your love around with them.

  • Novelty Wine Glasses

For a great combo, pick glasses that depict something with a special meaning to your husband. For instance, a glass with his hometown etched on it will make a wonderful gift. No matter how far your husband travels, he can carry his home — and your gift — with them.

Now for the combo we mentioned. Pair it with his favorite whiskey, so he can enjoy both as soon as you gift them to him.

  • Grooming Kit

Whether your partner likes the freshly shaved look or if they prefer a beard, a grooming kit can make itself useful in both cases. If you want to handpick what goes into such a kit, consider the following items:

  1. Face wash
  2. Shaving cream/beard oil
  3. Aftershave
  4. Beard trimmers
  5. Hair gel

Does he use a special brand of hair gel? Then pick that one. The same goes for the other beautifying products.

  • A Fresh Take On Chocolates

What man could refuse a chocolate bacon rose? The Manly Man Co. is a veteran-owned small business that makes manly gifts including Beef Jerky Flowers, Bacon Roses, Manly Gift Boxes, and Meat Card™. We all know that the best way to a man’s heart is through his stomach! They have already been featured on over 30 major outlets including Good Morning America, The Today Show, and USA Today.

  • Headphones    

If your life partner is a fan of music while on-the-go, then choose a pair of headphones as their gift. That way, every time they slide those buds into their ears, they will think of you!

Your husband will also treasure the relaxation – or excitement, depending on their choice of music artists – that they enjoy when they put those headphones on. Find more ideas for travel-friendly gifts here.

  • Running Shoes

We thought it was just the women who loved shoes. But that is only if you do not count the pairs of running shoes your husband has in their closet! Add to their stock by buying a pair of branded running shoes.

Not only does the footwear make a great gift for Valentine’s Day. It will also promote his good health. And you can always join them, right?

  • Wristwatch

If your guy is not into footwear, then it is highly likely that he has a collection of wristwatches. Do you find them pairing the timepieces with their clothes when they get ready for work? If you do, then you will not go wrong by gifting them a new one. Personalize it with an inscription at the back for that really special, loving gesture.

  • Cologne

It is no secret that men’s colognes have a pheromone-like effect on their partners. It might even have been the first thing you noticed about your husband. If you are familiar with what appeals to their scent palate, then choose a new scent for them. If not, then stick to the brand that they use the most.

Parting Thoughts

Valentine’s Day — a time meant to celebrate your love, affection, and appreciation for each other. You may choose to enjoy it by going out on a romantic cruise together. In that case, your partner can wear the gift watch, underwear, or wallet, you have picked for them.

Or, if you two decide that cozying up in your nest is a better idea, then you can cook the steak together. Giving each other gifts is half the fun, of course. They make the quality time you spend with your better half even better and help create lasting memories.

So, consider spoiling your sweetheart with one of the ideas we suggest here. We specifically selected items that are functional, but have a personal touch; luxurious and yet not costly — in most cases.

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