Tips For Making Everyday Life More Of An Adventure And Less Of A Drag

May 13, 2021

Everyday life should be a bold, daring, and exciting adventure — the kind of thing that gets you jumping out of bed each morning with enthusiasm.

Of course, the unfortunate fact of the matter is that everyday life can often end up seeming like a bit of a drag to say the least, between unpleasant chores, everyday frustrations, and the occasional restless night.

Here is a small selection of tips for how to make everyday life a bit more of an adventure and less of a drag:

Practice The Art Of Being Present With Whatever It Is You Are Doing

A lot of what makes adventurous activities like travelling, going skydiving, and so on, exciting and interesting is the simple fact that these kinds of situations make us fully aware of what we are doing at the moment. In other words, they bring us very much into the present moment and get us out of our own heads.

By the same token, simply being more present in each moment of your everyday life can help to make those moments a lot more exciting, adventurous, and uplifting.

Your morning cup of coffee can be a great indulgence if you are actually taking the time to consciously enjoy and savour the flavors. Likewise, any given hobby of yours can be deeply engaging, as long as you are not half wrapped up in your own thoughts instead of paying attention to what you are doing.

To a pretty significant degree, “adventure” is as much a state of mind as it is a particular action or course of action.

Find Ways To Streamline You Chores Or At Least Make Them More Enjoyable

A lot of what ends up making everyday life feel like a drag, rather than an adventure, is the perception of having to put up with a lot of drudgery — often in the form of chores and household errands that we would really rather avoid dealing with.

For this reason, one of the best ways of making everyday life feel like less of a drag, is to proactively find ways to streamline your chores, or at least make them more enjoyable.

You might, for example, be able to find affordable plumbing services and spare yourself the headache of having to drag out the solution to a plumbing issue. Or, you could start listening to interesting audiobooks while you do the dishes or cook dinner.

Do Something Every Day That Causes You To Enter A State Of Flow

The concept of “Flow” refers to a psychological state where people are fully engaged with what it is they are doing and where their sense of self appears to fade away for a time.

“Flow” is a blissful state of full engagement and enthusiasm. It is what musicians and athletes feel when they are really “in the zone,” for example.

The more you can find ways to enter a flow state in your everyday life, the more engaging and exciting your everyday life will feel.

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