School Fundraising: Ways to Make Readathon a Success

July 21, 2021

School fundraising is a great way of raising funds for educational goals through interesting and fun activities in which everyone can get involved. Such fundraisers require fewer volunteers to raise funds, while also enhancing the learning of the students.

Readathon is one of the most effective school fundraising events that also instil the love of reading among the students. The sponsors donate the money for the number of books the students read by the end of the event.

The way you tally the number can depend on whatever is feasible for you. Most importantly, it boosts the habit of reading among students in an exciting manner. If you are planning to run a readathon, there are several ways to ensure the event is a success.

Create Specific Goals

While raising money is the obvious goal, you must set specific targets. For instance, make a list of books or supplies you want to buy with the money received or if highlight whatever the school intends to do with the money and determine the costs involved.

This is how you can have a clearer idea about the money you want to raise. It also helps form a stronger bond between the donors and the cause.

Work on the Outreach

Like other educational fundraising events, it is essential to give the staff and families of the students to find books and gather sponsors for the readathon. Be sure to get the word out by distributing flyers, sending newsletters, and posting on the social media pages of the school.

It is important to give everyone sufficient time to be prepared for the event and market it as much as possible.

Decide Incentives

Providing incentives to the kids can help in boosting participation and encourage them to read as many books as possible. Here are a few things you can do:

  •         Invite a celebrity to the event to make it more appealing for the students.
  •         Offer awards and rewards, like books or stationery as gifts. You can even add some food coupons.
  •         Display the progress of all participants. A visual incentive of the money raised can further motivate the students to read more.

Confirm Venue and Dates

Have a look at the community and school’s event calendars before you decide the date of the event. This will help you avoid ruining the fundraising by scheduling it on the same day as other events.

Once you have finalised the date, check with the community and school organisations to ensure the schedule isn’t conflicted with events afterward. You can also determine the venue you want to arrange the readathon.

Be sure to contact the venue to confirm the availability. There might be a chance that the venue might not be available on your chosen day. Therefore, have two to three more options available.

Keep it Interesting

When organising a readathon for school fundraising, it is essential to keep in mind that the kids would need it to be interesting. Consider picking a theme that most of the kids find appealing, like superheroes or animals.

You can also select theme-specific books, arrange related decorations, and even ask the kids to dress up. Create cosy spots with tables and beanbags to make it comfortable for all the readers and their family members. Make sure there is plenty of light in the venue to make it easier to read.

Get the Experts In

If you are unsure how to organise the event or are too busy to organise it, you can consult Readathon professionals who specialise in organising school fundraising events. This is highly recommended if you are holding a bigger event and require more support and guidance.

Working with professionals has plenty of benefits, particularly if the school is organising a readathon for the first time. Usually, readathon fundraising professionals provide tools for the students to get in touch with potential sponsors and supports. They also offer tips and suggestions to organisers and also students to help them raise more money.


Many schools have successfully raised money for multiple needs through readathons, and other educational fundraisers, like spellathons. Moreover, events like this also help in promoting literacy and learning among students, all the while ensuring that sufficient funds are raised to improve the processes of the educational institute.

Make sure to conduct your research and create realistic goals to successfully organise the readathon and get maximum participation and sponsors. Getting assistance from a school fundraising expert can make the process smoother for you and ensure you attain your goal with ease. 

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