Crystal Infused Water Will Not Only Hydrate, It Can Help In Healing

March 28, 2022

This article talks about how Crystal Infused Water from can help with healing and transform your health in the best way. Find out how this historical healing water treatment works and see other natural ways to treat chronic illnesses.

The Beginnings Of Crystal Infused Water

This idea is derived from the use of a crystal in slightly different ways. The word crystal comes from the Greek word crystallin which means “ice” or “frozen water.” In reality, water that has frozen becomes a hard rock-like substance. Crystalline development is really just ice expanding rapidly to many times its normal size, which it does by freezing.

How To Create Your Own Infusing Tank

Crystal infused water has many benefits, from releasing toxins from the body to cleansing the skin. For those who are water on the go, and infusing tank can be an easy and convenient way to create your own infusion water.

No matter what your health situation is, chances are that you could improve your condition significantly — or maybe even drastically — with natural healing. What is your first step? Start by drinking plenty of water! If you have a lot of pennies in jars or buckets hidden inside a cabinet, build an infusing tank on the counter using those jars and buckets. Fill it with distilled water and give it time to soak in pennies as they become infused with red and blue ribbons of color.

How To Ingest A Crystal For Hydration And Healing

Crystals are best served by being ground into a fine powder called ‘salt’. Although it can be consumed as is, you will enjoy the benefits more if you soak a piece of cloth with your favorite crystal salt and tie it over your face for 15 minutes during which time the crystals will draw moisture upwards and in turn help loosen the congestion in your sinuses.

Do Alcoholics Drink Crystal Water?

Crystal water heals the body in many ways. Algal LR-87 (better known as “crystal water”) has crystalline properties that detoxify and heal at a cellular level, inducing healing in the body. It is said to have curative properties and can help to speed up the absorption of other therapies you may be receiving by balancing vital minerals.

The Consequences Of Drinking Crystal Water

Drinking crystal infused water can give you a spring in your step and help heal your injuries. Crystal water “can … improve bone strength, lower body mass index and cholesterol levels, help shut down cell damage, balance hormones and send healthy cells to tissue.” It can also “reduce inflammation by up to 60% and has been shown to increase the activity of actual stem cells found in bone marrow.”


Crystal infused water can be used as a healing and hydrating agent. It is good to drink over the normal amount of water because some toxins can get into the body and crystal-infused water has many benefits over regular water that it can protect the body from them.

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