How Our Home Can Impact Our Mood

August 1, 2019

A home is important for various reasons — in particular, it provides shelter, warmth, and comfort. So, it is unsurprising that many of us feel, well, at home there. It does not just affect how secure we feel, though; very often, it impacts our mood too. 

But how, exactly?  

Let there be natural light 

Do you tend to feel happier in the sun? Well, it is not just you — natural light is heavily associated with mental health. Many experts argue that exposure to sunlight heightens how much serotonin our brains release, this being the so-called “happy chemical”, as it can boost our sense of wellbeing and happiness. 

So, how you feel within your home could be directly linked to the sun. If your windows already let in plenty of light, you will likely benefit from a lift in mood on sunny days. 

If your home lets in little sunshine, you may want to open it up more. Adding a few new windows to your home will make a massive difference and sensibly budgeting for these changes means you will not be bogged down with money worries — especially when you are trying to improve your mental wellbeing!     

Blue trumps green space 

It is widely known that green spaces can positively impact our mood, whether it is a forest, grassy field or a garden. But did you know that blue areas — specifically water — may have an even bigger influence over our mental health. 

By simply looking at watery spaces, we stand to reap huge emotional benefits, according to several in-depth studies. Scientists believe that it could even us to reach a meditative state, making us feel more content, creative and calmer. 

You do not need to live by the ocean front or near to a river to enjoy this effect, though. In fact, you can easily — and affordably — install blue spaces within your home. 

Why not add a water feature to your garden, for example? Or how about bringing a fish tank into your interior area? Either could help to transform your home into a happier space. 

Bring the outside indoors 

Plants are not just nice to look at, they can help us to feel good, too. Having visual access to blue spaces may be one of the best ways to enhance our mental wellbeing, but greenery is just as important. 

Research by Arboretum, a planet-focussed platform, strongly indicates that being around plants can increase our happiness. 56% of participants from London, for example, revealed that they felt a rise in mood after having spent long periods of time near plants. 

If you want a cheap, easy way to bring more positivity into your home, you may want to invest in some indoor greenery. 

Where we live can massively impact our mental, as well as physical, wellbeing. So, why not transform your home into a healthier living space? 

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Andi Perullo de Ledesma

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